Mike Austin Golf Swing

Mike Austin Golf Swing


    Who out there uses the golf swing taught by the late Mike Austin? Austin's knowledge of the human body and leverage of it in producing a body friendly, highly efficient golf swing is second to none. Mike still holds the record for longest drive in a sanctioned PGA Tour event - 515 yards at a Senior tour tournament in Las Vegas...By the way, Mike was 64 years young at the time of this tourney and when he hit this drive. While he couldn't putt worth a lick and thus his notoriety is somewhat limited, he developed a devoted following of students and enthusiasts.

    One of his most successful students was Mike Dunaway. Mike Dunaway won numerous long drive championships and was tabbed by none other than Greg Norman as one of the best drivers of the golf ball alive. 

    Love to hear for you out there who use this swing  - Your challenges, successes, keys you use to groove your best Austin swing. I love the fact that my back isn't taking a twisted beating -While I am far from consistent, the glimpses of powerful shots I get in my practice sessions leave me believing this may be one of the better golf swings for wide swaths of golfers. 


    i have to be honest, i'm not familiar with this.  i think i remember hearing about it a while back.  but i don't know anything about his teachings.


    Pete, in my honest opinion, Mike Austin's swing was nothing new, he just had an ability to do what Mr. Hogan did at a faster speed. You'll notice how much torque he created by restricting his hip turn and a full shoulder rotation into a well braced right leg. You can also see how much Austin's right elbow leads once his hips have initiated his downswing, a la Mr. Hogan. You may also notice the "harness" around his shoulders that goes to his grip - it looks like where Jimmy Ballard's might have got some of his ideas in that he maintains a very large radius. His is a fine swing to pattern after.



    That looks like an older-type swing, rather then the new swing taught today.  Most pros today don't bend the right knee in that far on the backswing or reverse C the through swing.

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    As I posted on this site some time ago, as a kid, I used to watch Mike Austin hit balls on the range in Studio City. He could indeed hit the hell out of it. There were days when Austin would hit ball next to Joe Kirkwood, Jr.. who owned the range and whose father was a well-known trick shot artist in an earlier time. Kirkwood Jr. became famous for playing the role of a boxer, "Joe Palooka" on an early tv series. Maybe some of you older guys will remember the name and the show.



    Welcome, pistolpete!

    OK, at one time, around year 2000, I had a VHS tape of his- a lesson.  He studied human kinetics, and in his tape, he wears a black tights with human skeleton printed on it as he spoke of his lesson and body/bone movements with a golf club, demonstrating a golf swing.  It's been a while but I think Ben Hogan's name was mentioned in it although I could be wrong- I was also reading Ben Hogan's 5 Lessons- Modern Fundamentals around the same time.  In it, also showed his star student, a woman so limber using his style.  Austin could also hit identical shots with left hand and right.  Not at the same time, of course, (ambidextrous, maybe).

    It was getting real exciting until a friend borrowed it, then his machine ate the tape.  I never found another tape and neither did my friend.

    Anyway, what I remember in Austin's tape was the same or very similar movements that Mr. Hogan explains on another VHS tape after his match at the Shell's Wonderful World of Golf with Sam Snead:  Ben Hogan was asked to demonstrate his golf swing.
    It's pretty much all of it in a nutshell.




    I found it Noel - http://www.amazon.com/Mike-Austin-Secrets-Longest-Hitter/dp/B0006MXDA6

    Good hunting!



    For those of you interested, there is a web site containing video footage of Mike Austin teaching at the Studio City, CA range. The site is devoted to clips of specific areas of Mr. Austin's teaching philosophy. One of his students apparently video taped hundreds of hours of his own lessons over several years and posted these in an effort to bring the voice and teachings of Mr. Austin, without interpretation, to the golfing public.

    I have found this to be a wonderful site for understanding some of Austin's basic concepts as well as seeing the "Austin swing" in motion..The site has not "updated" in some time, but the general principles of Austin's swing are found in the various clips found on the site...




    Hope you all enjoy! 


    No familiar with MA or his Golf Swing....Will have to take a look at the links inlcuded in this post...Follow the Jim McLean 8 step swing method or as it's toted - revolution.


    @Fred, great find!  I might order it just for old time sake to see it again and view it with a friend.  But I'll make sure he doesn't feed the DVD into his VHS. (lol)

    @pistolepete;  That's a pretty neat site.  I'll look more into it!

    Thanks, Guys.


    Another devotee of the Mike Austin method who has a web site and blog worth a look as well as a download (not expensive) of his interpretation of the Austin swing is DJ Watts Golf. DJ has what I think of as a beautiful golf swing (see You Tube clips under his name) and hots the ball an absolute mile using the levers of his body, not sheer muscle power.

    Very entertaining and is helping me to swing more effectively, consistently and somewhat more powerfully...! 






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    Hi all, I have been studying MA swing for 3 yrs now, and it has really changed my game. Mike had a degree in Kinesiology and and enginnering. He lived in ATL when Bobby Jones was first getting his start, he was at the practice range one day and at 17 yrs of age was carring over 300yrd drives, and Mr Jones asked him how he did that..He played with all the greats, Jones, Hogan, Snead, Runyan,Nelson,etc.. Matter of fact, after Hogan's accident, Mike worked with Hogan to get rid of his hook and played practice rounds with him during his run throught the 1950's.

    Mike's swing is different than all others, even thought the mechanics look similar. He starts with what he called a "compound pivot", which is the main supply of power in his swing. It is followed with a light toss of the club from the top of the swing, which modern coaches call "casting", but is not if it is incorp. with the pivot. One of the best features is the hand action, which is different than modern "roller" swing (hands rolling over thru impact. The hands in the MA swing keep the clubface square to all points in the swing and always face the ball, so shots are laser like and accuracy is fantastic.

    "Why have I not heard of this Austin Guy?"...my same reponse as I heard of this man. After seeing personal lessons with him, he was a very cantankerous guy and didn't conform to PGA standards, which left him a little alienated from the modern teachers, but he taught alot of pros, including Payne Stewart, Mike Dunaway, and several others. It is a great swing once you learn it, I added 75-80yrds on my drives {from 260 to 320's on average with my longest ever drive being 344 carry w/ 9.5 dg club} with much more control, and no pain, I don't even swing hard anymore, and I'm 44 yrs old. I say it is the way everyone should swing, but most people will say it is snake oil...blaa.. and that's great, its not for everyone, but if you want to hit your drives and irons longer and straighter than you ever have, take a look at Mike and his swing...


    @fredcloss - This series of photos depicts Mike Austin using a swing training device of his own invention; "The Flammer". The device attached to the end of a club and encouraged "connection" (a key tenet of the Jimmy Ballard swing philosophy) between the body pivoting and the club swinging. Mike's swing does have movements that differed from Hogan's swing. Most importantly, Mike advocated a "compound pivot" - moving back into the right side (right handed golfer) straightening the right leg while moving the left knee in towards the ball. The move back moves the upper torso back and to the right with no conscious effort of the part of the golfer to "turn".  the downside motion is the mirror motion - left leg straightens and right leg folds in toward the ball.

     His pupil and partner is promoting the Austin method Mike Dunaway demonstrated this move using a length of rope looped around stake anchored in the ground and wrapped around each hand. Using a pulling motion, he would  pivot to the right pulling the rope with his right hand and then move laterally a bit back towards the left and pivot around his left leg by pulling the rope in towards his body with his left hand. The compound pivot works with lateral movement, perhaps more so than Mr. Hogan's pivot and downswing. 

    For what I understand, Mike Austin's swing path was linear, i.e., followed a circular path back as the club, arm, and shoulders moved together in one piece. the club remained in front of his chest - as opposed to a straight line back from the ball. The idea I think is that the club attached to the arms attached to the shoulders are powered by the body moving back and pivoting on the right leg and then forward pivoting on the left leg  - This action generates the power in the swing  and is very powerful IF the hands, arms, shoulders all work together as one unit. Add in Austin's uncocking of the wrists as he starts his downswing and you generate lots of club head speed. 

    The Flammer kept the triangle intact throughout the swing and gave users a sense of Austin's linear motion swing path and the power transmission capabilities inherent in keeping, as Jimmy Ballard would state, the "triangle intact".

    Is this swing radically different from Hogans? I cannot adequately opine since I haven't mastered either the Hogan motion or the Austin method. Clearly, Ben Hogan's swing worked wonders for him and many other golfers. His record in tournament golfer stands as testament to the efficacy of his method as does the swing of  Sam Snead, Bobby Jones, Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer, Tiger Woods, etc...

    What I can say is that Mike Austin's swing has been used by thousands of students over the years to great effect with minimal strain put on the body by torquing and twisting.

    Other experts teaching the Mike Austin method readers may want to check out are Steve Pratt  www.hititlonger.com -  Dan Shauger www.aperfectswing.com - John Marshall - www.jmlongdrive.com  - www.swingmangolf.com Messrs. Pratt and Shauger offer DVDs, downloads and a monthly subscription (Steve Pratt as well as Jaacob Bowden). Mr. Marshall is an instructor in the Atlanta, GA area. 

    I find it absolutely fascinating that this pursuit of a good golf swing can take so many varied and different routes. The constant remains there are as many ways to swing a club effectively as there are different people. It is truly a fascinating journey!



    Pete...know nothing of this swing...any information you can share??



    A great place to start is the following web site: www.mentoredbythelegend.com  

    A former Mike Austin student had the foresight to tape his lessons with Mike Austin at Mike's home driving range in Hollywood in southern California. Seemed prudent I am sure since he had climbed on a plane here on the East coast and flew to California in pursuit of improving his golf swing!! He stayed on takingl essons with Mike for YEARS!

    In any case, he has arranged the site with clips of critical aspects of the Austin swing and written commentary illuminating the clips. It is great stuff as Mike Austin passed away a number of years ago and these lessons as seen through these clips impart lots of information. Check out You Tube  - Mike Austin Golf Swing - Lots of clips there as well as the web sites I listed in another posting on this thread earlier today where, for a fee, you can learn the Austin swing method from other former students of Mr. Austin. Check our DJ Watts on You Tube - His swing is based on the principles espoused by Mike Austin - Very, very powerful!


    There is a DVD produced by Peace River Golf that teaches the Austin swing method - Your host is Mike Austin and his protege and long ball driving champ, Mike Dunaway. I think this is a very good explanation and demonstration of the Austin swing even though some might quibble with some of the demonstrations and props Dunaway uses to illustrate a movement - I think it is a gem. Order the DVD online from Peace River Golf...