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Name Two Courses You've Played

Name Two Courses You've Played


    Could you name or describe two courses you've played in the past with public access as the:

    Not well design - Not a Fan of: One course in my area called Lake E. has a few blind spots and a par 3 green not visible from any tees. . . there's a short par 4 fairway that is mostly rough in an almost 45 degree angle, and also a couple of par 3 where you have to shoot through a narrow fairway because they have never trimmed the tree lines on either sides -- it's a tunnel!

    Most Enjoyable- Tough or Weak course: Desert Willow in Palm Desert- Fire Cliff-- It could play tough, but not crazy.  Their bunkerings when avoided (of course) could be plenty fun.  One other course I've played, which is very reasonable is Woods Valley.  Not exactly a tough course, but it's fun to play.  The last few times I've played it, it was in good playable condition which adds to a positive experience.  Another one is the Wolf at Paiute resort in Las Vegas. . . it is tough, but it is fair-tough. . . lovely greens that are just smooth. . . sometimes the super gets a little happy with the pin placements.  GPS or yardage book helped me a little.


    Not well design - Not a Fan of:  Eagle Crest, east of Escondido, is probably my least favorite course in San Diego County. There are very few holes where you can let the driver out, a lot of short par fours with narrow fairways and tricked up hazards. I've tried many times to like it, but it's just too silly.

    Most Enjoyable- Tough or Weak course:  Torrey Pines South is very tough, but I love playing there every time. It's so pretty and so challenging that it's very difficult to not want to play there all the time. It's also hard not to enjoy Coronado G.C. Great views and good holes. If you read Chris Chapman's interview with Matty Ginella, Matt said that Coronado was one of his favorite courses.


    Simple Torrey Pines (South) and Pinehurst #2. 

    Waterville in Ireland, Turnberry in Scotland. Thought I would add a little International twist.

    I try and forget he poor courses as quickly as possible.


    All three courses at Paiute are awesome.  Wolf is by far the best.


    Any day of golf is better than working, so I try not to say any course is "bad", just needs help.







    Not well designed: New Rogell Golf Course

    Most Enjoyable: Westwynd Golf Course - MI or Palencia Club - FL


    Interesting thread.

    Have been fortunate enough to play just about all the major golf courses in my little part of the world and it is a very unique beast that does't have a couple of disappointing holes or little pieces of uniqueness (is that a word).

    And isn't it wonderful that after you play somewhere new that you have a group of holes you instantly love and others you instantly hate (and this not always because of the double or worse you racked up).

    Have played a dogleg par 3 ??? 190 yards with 100 yard cut around the last corner tree (impossible to go over). 

    Have also played a semi dogleg around a boundary fence with a local rule of OOB in the air ???. 130 yards with about a 20 yard cut around (but not over) the fence.

    Have also played a totally blind par 3 .. marker in fairway shows you where to hit and this is very disconcerting and much different to all those par 3 holes where you are hitting to elevated greens (one of my pet hates).



    You've got me going now ....


    Things I hate ..... dead elephants buried under greens (Jack Nicklaus designs).

                          ..... big tiers in greens (over 3ft).

                          ..... 10-20 ft deep bunkers (anywhere ... but especially on fairways).

                          ..... 440 yds (and over) into the prevailing wind.

                          ..... actually ... any 440 yds (and over) hole.

                          ..... elevated greens especially on Par 3s.


    Things I love  ..... great fairways and greens 

                          ..... elevated tees.

                          ..... hitting down (or across valleys) to greens. Have I hit he right club ?

                          ..... real risk/reward. 

                          ..... lightning fast greens.



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    I totally agree with Turnberry but would replace add Donnebeg which is a relatively new Norman course in Ireland(awesome links along the water) as well as Ballybunion. Whispering Straits is up there too.

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    World Woods somewhere near Tampa Florida. It has the best practice facilty I have ever seen!! I think golf digest ranked practice facilty #2 in country. Great golf course had alot of fun playing it. Some holes super tight some wide open.

     I would have to say that is the only public course I was truly impressed by. Ive played Oak Hill in Rochester NY that place has hosted a few Majors and is hosting the 2013 PGA Championship. It was fun but you have to hit it 330 to have any chance of going low Super Long Track!!!

    The courses that I have played that are not well designed are shamrock GC and hiawatha GC The courses that I have played that are really well designed are merfield village cc and northstar GC

    The most and least desirable course here in Iowa for me is BosLanden. I don't think there is a worst course anywhere else in Iowa.

    Best course over my playing days was Medinah Country Club in  Illinois. As many know who played there last year, it offers some great challenges and really is well run.


    Ah yes...

    Course I absolutely hated and would NEVER play again: Desert Pines, a Walters Golf Company course in Las Vegas. Huge rip off with "dirt" greens. They advertise it as the "Pinehurst of the desert." More like the Cr@* of the desert.

    Course I love: easy. The one I happen to be on. It takes a lot for me to not like a course. I enjoy the scenery any day I'm above ground playing golf, so any course is fine for me. Have some I love more than others, but I am not snobbish at all or under any circumstances. Green grass, friendly smiles, and the chance to play golf is simply the best.

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    One course I disliked was Talamore in Pinehurst.  More sand than the Sahara.  I was in a trap 2x per hole.  They actually had Llama's as caddies.  (My 1 round was after a night of extreme partying, hence allow for a hang-over factor).


    One course I loved was cambian ridge, part of the robert trent jones golf trail in Alabama.  Not too difficult, surprising elevation change, and most holes were memorable. 


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    Any and all courses I have played I consider amazing. Just glad to be able to play at all. But I have to agree with OUTIGER all three Paiute courses are a sight to see. 


    Some of my favorite's ...Saratoga National, Town of Colonie G.C., Albany Muni, Wilmington Muni, Tobacco Road......


    As far as courses I don't like.......I wouldn't say I dislike a course. But it does irk me when you pay full price, only to find that the greens have been aerated to the point of unplayable. I think they ought to make you aware of this before you pay. This only seems fair.