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Favorite golf movie

Favorite golf movie

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    With this new golf movie "Seven Days in Utopia" coming out, it has me thinking what my favorite all time golf movies were.

    1. Caddyshack

    2. Tin Cup

    3. The Greatest Game Ever Played

    4. Happy Gilmore

    What are yours?



    I would have to add the Legend of Bagger Vance to that list.



    Golf movies all start and stop with Caddyshack. The rest are OK, but Murray and Dangerfield are legendary.....


    Agreed Tar Heel...CaddyShack! its like in baseball - Bull Durham and the rest!


    You mean to tell me that another golf movie other than CaddyShack was made! I do remember a movie with that Kostner guy in it that had a few golfers in it too, what was it called Tin Cup, that was a golf movie?


    quoted from an unnamed source:


    Liked "A Gentleman's Game"

    Sinise gives a great quote to the kid when he says, "There are lot more important things in life than girls."

    The kid asked, "Like what?"

    "Women" he said.

    But I also Loved Caddy Shack, Bagger Vance (Damon's swing made me cringe, but Bruce McGill {D day in Animal House] was great as Walter Hagen). Another movie "Banning" starring Robert Wagner (Dr. Evil's number 2 among many many great roles) the Caddy, and Tin Cup.



    Caddyshack!  Wonder if "Ty Webb" is going to offer his thoughts on the topic???

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    Happy Gilmore all the way

    Got to agree that Caddyshack is THE golf movie.

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    +1 Caddyshack, Tin Cup is pretty good too.


    Tin Cup

    Caddy Shack

    Legend of Bagger Vance


    1.  Caddyshack
    2.  Happy Gilmore

    Movie I can't stand:

    1.  Tin Cup (I am most likely the minority here)


    Caddyshack then the rest.


    I agree with Eric.  Tin Cup is a good movie until the end when he dumps a small bucket in the drink.


    Caddy Shack is in its own world, nothing else comes close.

    Tin Cup is awesome. I love it.  Greatest game ever played is a good one too.




    Caddyshack!  Wonder if "Ty Webb" is going to offer his thoughts on the topic???

      A picture is worth a thousand words.