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Happy Birthday FJ Community!

Happy Birthday FJ Community!


    Well, they said it couldn't be done....actually, no one said that but the underdog stories are always the best, aren't they? It was a little more than one year ago that we started this Community.

    The first post, by our good friend 19hole, also believed to be our first FJ Ambassador, was about his new FootJoy Contour shoes. Since then, we've accumulated more than 23,000 posts in our Forums with additional feedback on our Blog and Contest pages. To put it mildly, we opened the door to the brand and you came running!

    You have come to know Mike, Kenny, Rita, Jim Connor, Mike Foley, Maria Bonzagni and other FJ representatives. We are not hiding behind our logo but coming out front to meet and greet you. The more you know about us, our products, our history, our values and our goals, the more you know about the fabric of the FJ brand. We are the people who make up Team FJ, but YOU are the reason we are the #1 shoe, glove and outerwear brand in golf!

    We've learned about people like Go Hokies who have more shoes than all of the FJ employees I just mentioned....combined! We've learned about Golfchick and her exceptional eye for fashion. We've learned about this young whipper-snapper EMKell0106y and his relentless dedication to the FJ brand and his goal of posting more times than the people who administer this site...all the while managing bank and mortgage accounts for the lucky individuals who wander into his bank! We've learned about eagle3 and his dedication to protecting this site and brand from people who seek to diminish either. We've learned about beej and how great he looks in our softshell jacket...and that he has a smoke detector hanging from the ceiling in his basement. We've learned about bholley and how we can only approve about 1 of every 4 of his posts, even though every one of them makes us laugh. We've learned about nickpoz and how he might know more about Cameron putters and headcovers than Scotty himself. We've learned about Tar Heel and how he may bleed a little Carolina blue, he really bleeds mostly black and white for the FJ brand. We've learned about Realwomengolf and the extent she'll go to hit golf balls in the dead of winter and how much she enjoys life. We've learned about, and from, memphisunited a fellow marketer who knows the games of golf and business and is a great resource for learning about both. And we've learned from Mondo about the passion of our loyal customers.

    Those are just a few of the quality individuals we've met the last 12 months. Overall, we have nearly 50 FJ Ambassadors and each of you is an asset to our company. Your commitment to this Community and our brand are what makes this a success. You educate and entertain the more than 11,000 people who have registered on the Community and you teach us about our consumers every day. We learn how our products perform and how they can get better. And we're listening.

    Having participated in product development meetings this week, I can tell you....the best is yet to come. We are the market leader and we're going to get better, both on this Community and with our products. A lot better. There are products coming that you've never seen from FootJoy and they will raise the bar in every category. We are a golf company and we make golf products to help you enjoy the game and play better. 

    Thanks to each of you for making this Community a success over the past year. We look forward to the next 12 months and getting to know each of you even better.

    Thank you!



    PS. EMKelly, with this post, I now have over 1 million points....


    Chris, I think we all feel the same about you and the FJ employees and brand as you have expressed about the Ambassadors and the FJ community. We all appreciate everything you do for us, in addition to making FootJoy the number one brand in shoes.

    (And you have probably unleashed the EMKelly posting beast again!)

    Chris, That was a great post to push you over the 1 million mark! :) It's been a great first year in the FJ community.

    Thanks for the kind words, but it you who started this community that we take our hats off to. Without your support and tremendous backup and follow thru this site and community would not exist. FootJoy has led the industry in many things and has again achieved that status with this community.

    And did you have to open up Kelly's lack of achievement in the points system. Not fair I say. You have an advantage that Kelly does not, even though he works hard at gaining that lofty goal.


    Thank you Chris and the rest of the FJ Family for your undying dedication. I know that we all appreciate your efforts although you may not hear it frequently enough. I also want to thank all of my fellow Ambassadors and those working to achieve that status for the advice and entertainment all have shared.

    It is and has been a tremendous adventure. We should all tip our White FJ caps to Chris, Kenny and the FJ Team as well as all who have enjoyed this site.






    What, no cake or candles! Outrageous...

    Chris, this is a massive accomplishment for FJ on several levels. You've opened the door for your customers to engage in a dialog about who you are, the products you make, and how to better serve each consumer you touch. That is no small order, and is really a place you can get hurt if your not a brand that can stand that heat. But you are FootJoy brand, and that means way more than a logo and a few blog posts.

    I think, no I believe, that this is the reason the response to the Community has been so positive. Becasue this FJ brand means so much to those of you at FJ HQ, that passion is transferred out to the market through the products. And we, the consumers, are thrilled to take part in this dialog, because we care as much as you do about FJ. We care deeply.

    With the mutual caring between the market and the brand (you), we are pushing the boundaries of how development discussion takes place. In order to be innovative, you must, absolutely must have the voice of the customer front and center. As the number one brand used by professionals, you are clearly listening to the tour pros. But what is truly ground breaking is how you take the "next line," the FJ Community, and unleash us. We are the ones who do this because we love the discussion and the chance to put our 2 cents in. And as we have done that, the fibre of what makes us unique has come out. And I am like you, the best is truly yet to come!

    I've said this to you and Mr. Connor both. I am proud to be part of this brand and the experiences over the past year. Thank you for allowing me to participate.

    And here's to the FABULOUS 50!


    So happy for the birthday! I am excited to be a part of the FJ community and its because of the hard work and dedication of others that I can be, thank you to everyone involved!! I hope to be a part of many more birthdays to come!



    Thanks for the kind words. I didn't realize that I made the first post!

    I think that my fellow Community "residents" will agree that although there have been quite a few people that have contributed to the Community content that it is the FootJoy staff members that have made this Community possible that really deserve a lot of the credit for the success of thi sCommunity.

    I believe that in a world where companies a so unwilling to share thier vision and other internal information, FootJoy through the staff involved in the Community, has given us quite a bit of interesting information about the company and its products.

    Thsi open communication is unprecidented. I personally would like to that the entire Staff (including Mike Lowe) for all of the effert that has gone into making this Community what it is today.

    I can't wait to see what is next!!!!


    i don't know what to say that hasn't been said already.

    the fact is chris, it was you guys at FJ who brought this site to us and without you their wouldn't be a community. the likelihood of any of us meeting each other would have been slim to none in my mind.  this community has opened the door for us to meet each other through our interest in golf and FootJoy products and has spilled over to other social networks where some of us have had the opportunity to chat one on one.  i believe some have met others in person and others will in the future. without you guys and this site, none of that would have happened.  it's you folks at FJ who deserve our thanks.

    oh, i don't have a basement.


    To all the FJ staff, THANKS for making this forum for us to come and share a common appreciation for Golf and FJ products.  You have made both informational and fun to come here.

    The fine members from all walks of life bring a smile to my face every time I'm here.

    Keep up the good work.



    Tim Tiger


    1,000,000 club??? Pretty sure that will take me another year or two.  LOL

    Nonetheless, congratulations to FJ and the FJC for the successful year and all the best for what is yet to come.  I am certainly looking forward to the next steps and am full of optimism.  Thank you for all you do and the excellent service you provide!



    Congratulations to everyone who has contributed to making this site(dare I say )  the best golf site on the web. Thanx Foot Joy.

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    As a newcomer I have only had the pleasure of following this community for a few weeks now. Amazing how many helpful things I already came across!

    Looking forward to my first full year of membership and wishing you a very successful 2nd year!

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    CG -

    You've done a wonderful job with the FJ Community.  This is a welcoming place to visit and interact and it is reflected in the quality group of golfers/golf fans that frequents it. 

    Keep up the great work.