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Outing Swag and Hole in One Prizes

Outing Swag and Hole in One Prizes


    I am planning an outing for my company , distributor managers and customers, and was wondering what you all thought was the best outing gifts you had received? I can't spend a boat load of cash because we are paying for everything,  but I am trying to think of something fun and interesting. 

    Also I found a site that offers hole in one insurance. Which would you rather have? A trip to Pebble, cash or a car? I personally like the 25 hour on a private jet but it is a little too much money for what I am doing ( plus I think that if I won, my boss would say that I would have to give it to him!)


    A sleeve of Pro V1's (with compant logo) and a really nice polo shirt or hat (more universal) are always a great gift. Throw in some tees with the company logo and an energy bar and you have a great swag bag!

    For the hole in one, I would say you can never go wrong with $$, but a new car will definitly get everyone thinking, especially if it is parked near the hole somehow.

    Sounds like a great outing! Good luck.



    Give them something you can put your logo on. I would advise against golf balls they don't last too long. Umbrellas are a good idea, shirts, divot tools, small travel bags.



    For a HIO, a car is always best, especially when the car is parked next to the hole. It also gives you the opportunity to have a "donation" opportunity to a charity, which I have done. Players see the car, hope to win it, and you have a charity person there setting up shop requesting donations. People who play in outings are very generous, and it gives you a nice PR tie in.

    As for gifts, the best thing I've ever gotten (and still use) is a small valuables bag. If you get one from a major supplier in bulk, they are usually cost effective.  


    Outings are fun. Cash is fun. How about some choice FJ gear as goodies? Perhaps Titleist diddy bags filled with Titleist balls and and FJ glove?


    25 hour Marquis Jet Card for the cheapest set up will cost about $175,000 with taxes and imposed fee's... I thought you couldn't spend a boat load?! LOL

    Cars are always cool, but cash in King.  Have to think, some people may not be able to afford/want to pay taxes and insurance on a car if they did win it.  Usually when you do a car as a prize, you can't "sell" it because it's a lease so whoever wins has to take on the monetary responsibility or just accept nothing and be happy with a hole-in-one.

    I would personally do a cash amount UNDER what is taxable in the state, (i.e. 10,000 or more is taxable if you are in Nebraska, so a cash prize of 9,999.00 is fine).  That way they don't have to report it as income on their tax statement and they can put the entire check into the bank without having to file IRS/Federal papers =)... just a thought.

    As for a swag bag... balls are always great and I always like to get a snack as well.  Don't skimp on the snack, make it worth their while.  NO SUNFLOWER SEEDS or hard shell peanuts!! People will spit them on the greens and that just pisses people off.  Drinks are good as well.  I'm not one for tee's because I have plenty so I may be the minority on that one.

    My advice is to just keep it simple.  Yeah, it's true most people are there to get free stuff but you can provide free things and keep it reasonable for your company. 

    My items:
    Hole-In-One Prize: $9,999.00 - let them do with it what they want, bad economy, may be someones saving grace.

    Swag Bag: Golf balls, snacks (mix of healthy and junk to suit all tastes), a drink (gatorade or maybe "drink coupons" they can redeem with the cart girls for adult beverages) and a towel with the company logo (useful and good way to advertise).  Then toss in a shirt or something if your company has a cool logo and call it a day.  AT ALL COSTS AVOID SUNFLOWER SEEDS AND HARD SHELL PEANUTS.  Banana's and similar fresh fruit also spoil/brown quickly, so be weary.


    +1 Shaun.

    What about cigars?

    You could probably get away with a car if you can get a local dealer to sponsor it, but the trip to Pebble sounds even better.


    EM...... You buy insurance that pays out for the hole in one prize. So for a trip to Peeble that is worth 5K you pay them 200 bucks win or loose.  So it doesn't cost that much. The Private jet is 1700 for the insurance which is a little too much.

    We will have plenty of drinks... remember I am a wine importer.

    If anyone needs wine for charity events just let me know.


    I agree with EMKelly about Cash vs. Car for HIO.  It would be bad if someone won and could not afford the taxes on the car or could not sale the car.  They would still feel good about HIO, but frustrated with the result.

    As for swag: Trail Mix, Banana, Logo Tees, Sleeve of Balls and maybe a Logo Towel.  A new pair of MyJoys would be nice also.  You may not be able to do if for everyone, but for a few random bags.  So everyone gets X items.  Then announce that 5/10/20 lucky bags have GC for MyJoy.


    So many great ideas already listed.

    1. Balls (with company logo)

    2. Towels  (with company logo)

    3. Snacks

    4. I like the cigar idea.

    Please No tees


    Big prizes:

    1. HIO Cash vs. Car  (Cash)

    2. Pebble Beach that would be nice. Have you thought about maybe a paid weekend Vac trip to Pinehurst NC. I am not sure where you guys/gals are located,  but we offered a package for that one year.


    Format: on a budget

    1. Will this be a team or Captains choice type match?  If so, are you looking at gifts for 1st, 2nd and 3rd?  We gave gift certificates, towels and balls

    2. Long Drive Hole? Sleeve or two of  Pro V's

    3. Closest to the pin on other par 3's? Sleeve of Pro V's

    The cost with all the stuff listed above above isn't that bad, even if you wanted the car as a possible HIO prize. I can't remember our out of pocket ins atm, but it wasn't bad.

    The reason I ask,  we had a tournament here last year that had all of the above except the "Cigars". My luck, I really like that idea.






    I guess my favorite gift was a divot tool that had a ball marker and a clock installed in it. I have had that for about 5 yrs, changed batteries several times and the finish has since wore off. But I still use it today. 


    If I were involved in planning something like that, I would contact nickpoz. My bet would be that he could fix you up with some great prizes and also give you some great advice. And I bet that most of it would be from FJ and Titleist


    How about a Cameron Putter for the whole in one ?


    Swag Bags with trail mix, divot tool, drink coupons, and something with your Logo on it ( wine opener, bag clip, valuables pouch, etc)


    You may or may not know that I manage golf tournaments, and we work with people who have all kinds of budgets.

    The most popular HIO prize right now is a trip to The Masers or a stainless Rolex. We go through HIOUSA and/or National HIO -- as you know, the insurance is X dollars for every $1000 of prize value on the feature hole, and most companies also provide bonus gifts for the other par 3s. Just be sure your golf pro has the tees set to the required yardage in the policy and follow the rules to the letter to be sure a winner gets the prize with no hassle.

    The best tee gift I ever got was an Odyssey putter, though it came with a qualifier -- you had to take a test drive in a Lexus (it was a national promotion) but we did the drive in the club parking lot, so no big deal.

    We emphasize quality over quantity in gifting. Unless you're playing at a premier course, the gift is the feature that your golfers will remember most.  We have used the "pro shop" where we bring in non-logoed apparel, quality belts, sunglasses, outerwear, etc., and let golfers choose any one or two or three items depending on the budget. We do it with our  own merchandise, but Titleist, the three-stripe brand and the chevron brand also wil come set up for you. We have done FootJoy shoes -- our local rep comes in, fits everyone in a shoe that works in the budget, and follows up with special orders in case he's out of a size.

    Logo-embroidered towels and valuables pouches are good, as are sunglasses (you can logo the microfiber storage/cleaning bags they come in). Bushnell has lower end binoculars and rangefinders in addition to their Bolle sunglasses at their outlet stores. Money clips, cigars with cutters, wine with the tournament logo (hmm, wonder where you could get that?), Nice bag tags -- not the plastic ones -- are pretty affordable but require lead time. For a realy inexpensive gift, the foldable beverage coozies are pretty popular;  they also make coozie-type products for bottles/splits and full bottles of wine that would be great to put your logo on or get from your vendors. More stuff to logo:  A club brush, a wet/dry towel for cleaning your clubs/balls, shoe trees, a "trunk locker" to store gear in your car, a rain cover for a riding cart, drizzle sticks. I'm beginning to ramble, but message me if you want details or sources. Good luck -- if you're dealing with wine folks, it has to be a fun event!!!


    First, you should seek out a few sponsors, they are always willing to throw in goodies for the bags.


    Second, Sponsors are a good way to collect some extra money to cover the event costs especially if it is a benefit outing because they can write it off anyway. Look for hole sponsors to donate whatever fee you decide on and make a sign at each tee box so the players know who sponsored each hole.


    Third, the hole in one prize on one of the par 3's can be for merchandise from the pro shop and the pro shop usually adds a match. So, if you offer a $500 gift certificate to the pro shop and the pro shop adds a $500 match thats a $1000 prize. The pro shop breaks even because they will basically be giving the merchandise away at cost since your $500 will cover it.

    Finally, Look for a local print shop to make all your promo materials and signs but, tell them you will make them a sponsor in exchange for the printing or a discounted price.

    There are a lot of ways to raise money and get sponsors help so don't try to do everything yourself. And, like I said, If it is a charity event the local companies are usually more than happy to help out and sponsor the event in one way or another.


    If you are looking to have a car as the hole in one prize talk to the local dealers and see if they will sponsor the car ... If you are looking for a trip for the hole in one prize talk to local travel agents and see if they will sponsor the trip ....


    Hope this helps, Have a good outing !!!