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FJC 2022 Fantasy Golf

FJC 2022 Fantasy Golf


    Invite your friends, invite your family!  We're all here to have a good time.

    It's here (I'm a bit late!) - we'll start on 1/26/2022 The Farmers Insurance Open.   You can sign up anytime through the start of the John Deere (June 30th)  Come join us - have some fun!

    Register here:


    Once you have registered then you can join us here:


    The League is "FJC"

    The password is "footjoycommunity".

    The setup this year is just like last year.

    You will be selecting between 7-10 golfers every week and we're using a salary cap system.  You have 2 million dollars to spend every week.  Each golfer has a different amount tied to them (and it'll change throughout the year).

    Your golfers will then earn money based on their finish that week.  As a team your earnings are added up all season long and the winner will be whoever won the most.

    The Majors, The Players and the Tour Championship will earn your chosen team  1.5x the amount of money (so if they finish fourth and win 100,000 you'd get credit for 150,000)

    Each player is capped at eight starts.  This means for the best players in the game you'll be able to start them in the four majors and then four other tournaments.


    I cheated and imported everyone from last season (hoping it kicks an email to everyone since it didn't show me previous email addresses to sent out a notice manually).

    Thanks, just got the notice. Very much appreciate you doing this again. I am in. Welcome one and all to another season in the fantasy trenches

    Woo we had everyone from last season participate in the first two weeks.  Except AnthonyC - where is our old winner?!

    Ty Webb took week 1

    JTL Design took week 2

    This year I set it so that your previous week's lineup WILL carry over if you forget.  That may be detrimental due to the limited player starts.


    JTL Design goes back to back and takes the WMPO - it was a low scoring week for all of us with JTL not breaking the million dollar mark


    Ty Webb takes the Genesis!  Some high scoring this week to make up for last :)


    Thanks again for doing this. Would love to see a dozen or more involved. It's as close to golf as I will get until we get moved.


    jlawton1 takes the Honda!!  Bring on Arnolds tourney :)


    I have been SLACKIN!

    jlawton1 takes the Arnie Invitational

    Jimmy K kicked all of our butts for the Players!

    jlawton1 takes the Valspar

    The march to the Masters continues!!


    It's all good. I appreciate you handling this for us. Wish we could have had a bracket challenge for the big dance too.


    WGC - Dell Matchplay - Jimmy K

    Corales Punta Cana - jlawton1

    Valero Texas Open - myself

    It is MASTERS WEEK! WOOOO - and Tiger's playing!  What a great week!

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    Sorry boys, I was out of commission for a while. Good luck this season! I enjoyed reading the updates.

    Sorry boys, I was out of commission for a while.  Good luck this season! I enjoyed reading the updates.

    Doesn't mean you can't jump in now :)


    I'm WAY behind on updates.   We've had the Masters and PGA in there along with a few other tournaments :)

    Various winners, Ty, JTL, Jimmy and even myself (somehow I managed to win the PGA woooo)


    I managed to take this past weekend at the Charles Schwab!  Time for Jack's tournament!