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FJC Fantasy Golf 2019!

FJC Fantasy Golf 2019!


    Register here:


    Once you have registered then you can join us here:


    The League is "FJC"

    The password is "footjoycommunity".

    The first tournament is the Sony Open on 1/10.  Last chance to join us comes 7/9/19 (after that you won't be able to jump into the league).

    The setup this year is just like last year.

    You will be selecting between 7-10 golfers every week and we're using a salary cap system.  You have 2 million dollars to spend every week.  Each golfer has a different amount tied to them (and it'll change throughout the year).

    Your golfers will then earn money based on their finish that week.  As a team your earnings are added up all season long and the winner will be whoever won the most.

    The Majors, The Players and the Tour Championship will earn your chosen team  2x the amount of money (so if they finish fourth and win 100,000 you'd get credit for 200,000)

    Each player is capped at eight starts.  This means for the best players in the game you'll be able to start them in the four majors and then four other tournaments.

    Good luck!

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    thanks for setting this up!


    You know I was just thinking about fantasy golf earlier today.  I'll get on it ASAP.  Looking forward to a better performance this season.

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    Sounds good.   You all won't let me win again will you?!    Let's get Footjoy to throw in some prizes and we'll get more participation I'm sure.

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    Thank you!!!!


    Thanks for setting this up!


    Reminder folks - this starts this week!  Get in and have some fun.  You can watch me get beat every week!  If you miss this week that's fine - you can join until early July!


    Week 1 is won by Matt Kuchar!  Here at the FJC Ty Webb took the trophy!


    Counting on Phil in the Desert this week!  Opening round 60 is a great way to get started.


    Anybody pick Long to win the Desert Classic this past weekend?  If so, play the MegaMillions!


    Week 2 goes to Bjorns Boys!   Bring on Torrey and tiger this week!


    Not looking good for my team at the Farmers; only 3 of my picks made the cut.  Ouch.  Adios 2nd place.


    As usual I continue to bring up the rear!  Dead last for the Farmer's (outside of the non-entrants)

    jtldsign1 wins this week!


    jimmy K - step up and take a bow!  well done winning this week!

    What a weekend for Rickie - leading all weekend only to have that massacre at #11 but still be able to come up with a few birdies down the stretch and finally break his streak at the WM!


    Hey thanks; what a roller coaster ride that last round was!  Fowler doesn't go the easy way, does he?