Where I live...

Where I live...


    As I get ready to take my boys out to see a Cape Cod League Baseball game (the Cotuit Kettleers versus the Falmouth Commodores), I came across this great line up of Cape Cod stereotypes that will give you who don't live in our little slice of oceanfront paradise an idea of what you are missing!

    Where do you live in this great country and why?



    I live in SoCal, Mission Viejo to be exact. Totally job related.


    Acworth, GA, northern suburb of Atlanta.  Like TarHeel, a job brought me here.  


    I live in Mt Pleasant, SC.  I moved to SC in 1984 from Memphis, TN  to open a group of womens clothing stores and gave my wife the choice of where she wanted to live, because it was her first move out of Tennessee.  Her choices were Columbia or Charleston.  Mt Pleasant is across the river from Charleston closer to the ocean.  Best decision she ever made for me.......we are now full fledged sandlappers........


    I live in Rochester, NY.

    Home of Kodak and Wegmans!

    My parents are from Buffalo so I'm of course a Bills and Sabres fan!  They moved here so dad could work at Kodak (somehow he's still there).  

    I came back after college in FL for family/friends and a ladyfriend.  I'm still here because jobs are fairly plentiful in the tech field here.  Once my step son gets to college we may leave this state (there are MANY things I dislike about NY).

    However it's a beautiful state when you get away from NYC.  And in my area we have a TON of golf courses :)

    There are many "western ny" memes that apply to us for sure.

    The only thing at the annual May Lilac Festival is snow.

    The worst four-letter word you could say is "Fuji".

    You can't swim at the beach.

    You thought that you had figured out that alternate-parking thing, but wind up with a ticket anyway.

    Toronto is about 70 miles away, but it takes four hours to get there.

    The name "Greater Rochester International Airport" is bigger than the airport itself.

    There's an 800 number to report a pothole in the road.

    You know that a "Can of Worms" is not something that you take fishing.

    Your baby's first word is "Wegmans".

    You ask lifetime residents where the George Eastman House is, but they don't know either.

    In a city where it snows at least 90 inches a year, they build a new sports stadium with no roof on it.

    It can be 70 degrees one day, below freezing the next, and you think nothing of it.

    Your mother is buying outfits to wear to Wegmans.

    Your low-fat diet is never low enough to exclude an Abbott's custard.

    You order a white hot and a pop, and the counterman knows what you're talking about.

    You can travel from Egypt to Greece in about a half-hour by car.

    D&C is a newspaper, not a medical procedure.

    There are no hamburgers, only ground steak.

    You can go to any mall on a Saturday and see at least 5 people you either work with, went to school with or dated.

    A musical comes to town 10 years after its Broadway premier and the entire town goes nuts!

    You awaken from a deep sleep, look at the clock and see that it's 6:00, but you have no idea whether it's AM or PM.

    When 18+ inches of snow falls overnight, but you never thought of NOT going to work.

    You are perplexed when friends from other cities come to visit and want to "see the sights".

    In winter if the temperature hits 45 degrees and the sun comes out, people walk around downtown wearing shades and no jackets.

    There are places at the poles that seem to get more sunlight during the winter months than we do.

    Wegmans is somewhere to go on a Friday night, for entertainment.

    You know who Vinnie and Angelo are.

    You define summer as three months of bad sledding.

    You think that people from Pennsylvania have an accent.

    Halloween is snowed out with great regularity.

    You have experienced frostbite and sunburn in the same week.

    Half the change in your pocket is Canadian, eh.

    Your idea of a seven-course meal is a six pack of Genny and a bucket of Buffalo wings.

    You believe that "down south" means Maryland.

    Your snowmobile, lawn mower and fishing boat all have big block Chevy engines.

    You can compare Nick Tahoe's garbage plate to at least 3 other knock-offs in competing restaurants.


    I have lived in Dallas, TX since 2000.  The girl I was dating at the time (who now happens to be my wife) is from Dallas and moved back to Texas after graduate school and I followed her down.  I have only been in Texas for 14 years and my wife has advised me that I need to live in Texas longer than anywhere else before I can become "naturalized."    Well, I am about halfway there so one of these days I hope to achieve the "naturalized" status.  Since both of our kiddo's were born here, I am the only non native Texan living in our house!  Bottom line... wouldn't change a thing!

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    They forgot fried clams and chowdah. When we go "down The Cape" clams and chowdah are required AT LEAST once a day.


    I'm a fair bit south of ... well everyone!!!


    I live in Ohio as a result of my wife, however looking to relocate at some point south!  Getting too old for the cold weather!  Building a new home on a golf course though so it will probably won't be too long!! LOL


    Houston, TX area following full retirement.  Was in northern VA for many years due to career in government (US Army and CIA).  Have family on both sides near us here, so with the golf-friendly climate this was a no-brainer.  Personal goal was over 200 rounds of golf per year and I have no difficulty reaching that goal each year.

    San Diego........ What else needs to be said, other than I better get FJ's up and hit the road!

    Born in Brooklyn, NY, lived in Queens, now live in Bronx. I have a love / hate relationship with this city, but there is nowhere like it.


    Hampstead, NC just north of Wilmington on the coast. Retired from the Marine Corps at Camp Lejeune, NC and decided on this small town to open a business.  Been here about 20 years now.  Love the local golf.


    Wilmington N.C.


    I live in Ohio as a result of my wife, however looking to relocate at some point south!  Getting too old for the cold weather!  Building a new home on a golf course though so it will probably won't be too long!! LOL

     Hey Chris:  Come on down to Mt Pleasant....everyone else is.....one of the fastest growning cities in the US.....great area with plenty of golf and the ocean is near by......good fresh water and salt water fishing, good deer and turkey hunting, awesome food and a few brewery's......just have to put up with hot and humid weather June - September and an occassional Hurricane....but if you can drive fast you can out run them...ha..ha..a little piece of paradise.......