Daly and Spongebob

Daly and Spongebob

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    Yes, that is spongebob square pants.   ugh

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    I'm with ya love Daly but can't stand looking at his pants...  Hope he plays well though...  

    Look at the bright side, he's using a Scotty...  


    Nice Scotty it looks like there.  Yes, the pants are awful.  The shoes aren't any better.  

    Of all the cartoons my kids watch, (boys ages 5 and 6), Spongebob is the one that makes me wish I never had kids.  

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    i can deal with the pant, Not pink puma shoes though!!!!




    Looks like a orderly in a hospital......or a technician in a vet clinic.......but not a golfer......sorry John.......  :-)

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    My 9 yr old has PJ's like that.......but even he would not go near a golf course like that.


    I put a comment up on Facebook today regarding this photo. Essentially told JD to stop wearing this stuff as he looks a clown, which is unbecoming of an Open Champion. Persons who replied told me essentially to shut up and stop being a "stuffed shirt." Me? Really?

    What we have here is the worst that a brand like LM has thrust on us. And the race to make a buck at all costs. Cartoon themed trousers? I'm sorry, it just looks like cr@# and is worse than wearing a t-shirt on course. Just because they sponsor him doesn't mean he should do it!


    Those have got to be the worst pants I've seen in my almost 60 years of golf.  They have no place at The Open Championship.

    They are horrible! I can't believe they allowed that on the course, not even close to professional standards. You might also think he could tuck in his shirt.

    They are horrible! I can't believe they allowed that on the course,  not even close to professional standards.  You might also think he could tuck in his shirt.

    Rick, his shirt is tucked in. That's his pullover!

    I seem to be a punching bag over on FB over this photo. Seems folks believe I'm not colorful enough and that the R&A is boorish, and thus so am I. Egads!


    I have to agree that this is a terrible look.  I have been known to wear some brightly colored clothing out on the golf course, but cartoon prints, really??  I'm not even going to make a comment about the shoes... at least they matched his collar!


    One of the high school kids had on a pair of the LM shorts at the course this summer and I looked at the fabric and it actually felt like pajama fabric........asked him how he liked them and he said they did not wear well and did not wash well........he also said, Mr Chuck you always look nice in your FJs......said he bought LMs because he could get them cheap on ebay......unfortunately, John needs all the sponsors he can get.......it is what it is...


    at least the pants (these are definately not trousers) are blue


    Oh wow... this picture is worse than what they had on facebook.

    He looks like he just rolled off his bed in pillow case.

    ...I guess they let anything in the Open.