Community Only : FJ Make Every Day Playable Sweepstakes!

Community Only : FJ Make Every Day Playable Sweepstakes!


    With Thanksgiving just around the corner, FJ thanks you for your continued support of the FJ Community and brand with a Layer Up Sweepstakes.

    Don't let a little cold weather thwart all the practice you've put in this year.  At FJ, our goal is to "Make Every Day Playable", so let's extend your golf season as long as possible! 'Tis the season to bundle up and face the elements for some holiday golf and good cheer.

    How do you enter? Simply reply to this thread and tell us about a golf experience that makes you thankful. Maybe a valuable lesson, a dream round, or meeting your best friend on the links - anything that has made you thankful for the game of golf.

    Two winners will be randomly selected on 11/25/13 and they may choose any DryJoys Tour XP outerwear piece, a Performance Mid Layer, and a ProDry Performance Thermal Base Layer.

    REMINDER : To enter you must have a community profile. If you do not have one, click here to register for the FJ Community -

    Deadline for entry is 12:00 pm ET on 11/23/13.  Void where prohibited. Open to US residents 18 years or older.  For additional rules and regulations click here.



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    I am just thankful for the way FJ understands that golf is a constant pursuit to get better, in both the development of products as well as my own personal game.


    Being able to wear top notch clothing and shoes that garner attention and compliments is priceless! I've always said I might not be playing my best, but no doubt I'm the best dressed on the course! So, with TurkeyDay around the corner, in thankful  for being alive, able to golf and hang out here, LOL!

    Thanks Dev and FJ


    After the recent comeback for Jarrod Lyle, it's the first round I where I took my 3 year old daughter this year.  I was hitting great shots and I think it's because I was relaxed and focused on having fun with her and teaching her the game.  She was making me laugh and acting silly.  She insisted on picking up my ball marker while I lined up the putt, wanted to hold the flag and keeping score meant "drawing pictures on the map".

    I've gotten serious about my game over the past few years trying to improve my game but she taught me to be thankful I get to play at all and to share it with people I love the most.  Pretty impressive for a 3 year old!  

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    I head to the course every Friday at noon after work.  I almost always head to first tee all by myself, hoping to get paired up with anyone.  I have a one year old at home and work extremely hard all week.  My Friday afternoons are to completely unwind.  I often will get paired up with complete strangers and come away with a wonderful afternoon meeting new people.  The golf course is a special place where people can really spend hours with strangers and have fantastic conversation.  It doesn't matter what your handicap is, it's the experience.  I am thankful for golf, not just the game, but the people it can bring together.

    Thank you Footjoy!


    I remain humbled by a game that asks of its participants, honesty, civility, strong but fair competition. Supported by peerless brands like FJ, this is truly a game for life. I am so very thankful I discovered my grandfather's old hickory shafted clubs in the garage when I was five years old! I never met him, but we are connected through our love of family and golf...

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    Thankful for my family and friends health #1.

    After that , this past Sunday morning at Ould Newbury Golf Club, in Newbury MA , I sure was thankful for my Footjoy basic layer and mostly my Gray Footjoy sweater with the lining, sure made it manageable.

    Must have been a Footjoy model wit stocking cap, shoes , socks, winter gloves and outer jackets.

    Jerry Wood


    When it comes to golf, I'm most thankful for my father teaching me the game and for the next 18 years he remained my favorite golfing partner.  We played many round together throughout the years and no matter how things were going in life, good or bad, we always had golf.  

    He passed a few years ago, before his grandsons were born, and I've taught my boys to play the game.  They remind me a lot of myself in those early years with my dad, with their eagerness and joy for the game.  Hopefully, they'll grow up to be much better golfers than I.


    Best day on the course was the day I was tired on practice and went to the first tee to play a few holes. I was paired with a young woman who is now my wife of 10 years!


    I am most thankful that I got  a round in with my son last year. I wrote a post about it at the time. The Best Last Day of Summer. Not having the chance to play with my dad before he passed, I made sure to get my kids involved in golf early enough so that I could see them grow and enjoy the game that I love some much.

    As with most teens, my son doesn't want to have much to do with my wife and I unless he needs the car or use us as his ATM. But for one, glorious day the summer before last, he actually talked like and acted like a friend. He and I still kid each other about this and plan to have more outings like this. These 5 hours will last in both of our memories forever. I am quite thankful to have spent this time with my son...on an equal footing with him. Enjoying a common love.


    I am thankful for Golf because it gets me to spend time with my wife, best friend, and family.I am also thankful for Golf because it has taught me a lot about myself and the lessons it has taught me have also carried over into life.


    I'm thankful for every Tuesday when I get to play my weekly round with my pops, we nearly lost him 2 years ago and every time we get the chance to play together the game he got me hooked on all those years ago is a blessing!


    Today, I'm thankfull my family... I'm in the mist of my third layoff in 5 years. I was fortunate enough to participate in the FJAI at Sawgrass this year... I was laid off one week later and have not been able to participate in the pleasure of golf since...

    So for those of you that partake in this community let it be known that this is your second family and be thankful that you are part of this Great Comunity and if you win a sweepstakes or not, be loyal to FJ forever!


    I am thankful to my dad for making sure that us kids all got lessons in lifetime sports (golf, tennis, swimming) and that I've stayed healthy and able to play all these years. I'm thankful for the pleasure of playing golf -- the weather, the company and the day. I'm thankful that I'm able to work in the golf industry, and that I'm able to be around the game so much. I'm thankful for this community and the friends I've made, especially the alumni of the inaugural FJAI. There are so many reasons to appreciate my life -- thanks for reminding me!


    I am thankful for this community and all of the great friends I have made here.  From all over the country and from all walks of life, the FJA has been a pleasure to be a part of.

    Happy Holidays to all of the FJC