How to putt over goose droppings

How to putt over goose droppings


    Great trick, thought I'm not sure the superintendent will approve.


    That is funny and we have more than our share of Geese in Charleston......they sorta stay here the year round and breed.....I have to send this to our general manager.....what a  : )  


    This is timely. It seems in the last couple of days, the geese are returning to my course, in Bronx, haha. I wonder how many people will try this, creating a groundskeepers nightmare.

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    Ha!!!!! Hilarious! Now there are 2 obstructions for the next golfer on that line. Thanks for sharing.

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    Not the preferred method, however, if you are inclined try it, make sure to repair your ball depression. Hey, he said #$*Y .) ***


    That is too funny Chris!

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    That is a load of cra......

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    hilarious!!!  I agree with the super not approving with this!!



    Isn't there a  rule prohibiting modification of your lie?

    And of course, you may remove loose impediments from your line rendering this "goose stymie" irrelevant. Be sure to carry sizeable plastic bags with you to remove the offending goose log. Any urban dog owner will know this trick.

    :Here's how: Place the bag over your hand in glove-like fashion. Hover over the goose dinner remains and gently let gravity guide your hand downward. Once you've contacted the ground with your prophylactic covered hand, surround and scoop the poop! Then simply invert the bag off of your hand capturing your prize and clearing your line!

    Don't be squeamish and take too long - pace of place is important golfers. And no, to the best of my knowledge, Foot Joy is NOT contemplating adding a custom "goose glove" to its line up of vaunted golf glove offerings!!  


    What a great little laugh for the morning.  I'm going to share with a playing partner who teaches agronomy and helps prepare future superintendents.


    Wow LOL.  That's great.  I love how he couldn't even keep a straight face


    That was funny -- the guy looked a lot like Dustin Johnson too.


    very appropriate for this time of year when we seem to have the start of goose migration at our course.


    haha.....i'm not so sure many courses would appreciate that, but still funny!

    seriously though, what is the ruling?  i assume you can move it, but who really wants to touch it??  anyone play somewhere with local rules about this?


    Loose impediment Rules of Golf: "Loose Impediments

    “Loose impediments’’ are natural objects, including:

    stones, leaves, twigs, branches and the like,

    dung, and

    worms, insects and the like, and the casts and heaps made by them,

    provided they are not:

    fixed or growing,

    solidly embedded, or

    adhering to the ball.

    Sand and loose soil are loose impediments on the putting green, but not elsewhere.

    Can you imagine solidly imbedded DUNG??!

    And how do you deal with loose impediments?

    Rules of Golf:


    23-1. Relief

    Except when both the loose impediment and the ball lie in or touch the samehazard, any loose impediment may be removed without penalty.

    If the ball lies anywhere other than on the putting green and the removal of aloose impediment by the player causes the ball to move, Rule 18-2a applies.

    On the putting green, if the ball or ball-marker is accidentally moved in the process of the player removing a loose impediment, the ball or ball-marker must be replaced. There is no penalty, provided the movement of the ball or ball-marker is directly attributable to the removal of the loose impediment. Otherwise, if the player causes the ball to movehe incurs a penalty of one stroke under Rule 18-2a.