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Most Memorable Shot - Other than a hole-in-one

Most Memorable Shot - Other than a hole-in-one


    Let's face it: Most golfers haven't experienced the thrill of a hole-in-one. But most every golfer has experienced the thrill of knocking in a bomb from another zip code on the green or eagling a par 4 with a long iron or other shot simply amazing and most memorable shot. What's yours?


    In last years Club Championship I holed a sand iron on the 9th hole of the first round from 90 metres / 100yards.

    Had been playing just OK up until that stage and that sparked me into finishing off strongly that day and eventually winning in the end.

    The next month I was playing in another Club Championship (member of 2 clubs) and and in round 1 I holed another sand iron from about the same range on the 4th holle but unfortunalety that was about the best thing I can say about that event.


    Wow, MOST memorable. That is a hard one, because there are a lot to choose from.

    In one sense, and I genuinely mean this, my most memorable is my very next shot. Every time I get to go out and play it's special, so no matter if it's an incredible view, the chance to meet up on course with old friends, or an opportunity to play another new course, each and every time is indeed memorable.

    But if I was pressed, I'd go with one from this fall.

    I too was in the sand, in a greenside bunker. The shot was maybe 20 yards, downhill sloping green, with a pond past the edge of the green. A thin shot would surely have a chance to roll off the edge and into the water, putting a 5 or worse in my mind.I took my stance, opened that blade way up, and popped the ball maybe 3-4 yards in the air. The ball took the slope of the green and rolled right into the cup for a birdie.Quite shocking and amazing really.


    Since I'm still sorting my game out (15 years of just hacking at it with zero improvement) I dont have tons of MEMORABLE shots.  But there is one.  I still struggle and put snowmans (or worse) on my scorecard a few times a round (if I can get rid of those I would routinely shoot well under 100).  So I'm on a long par 5.  First two shots aren't great but I'm not giving strokes away.  Third shot though goes into the trees.  I find my ball and pop it out backwards.  So now I'm laying 4.  Maybe 170 out.  A clean shot at the green.  Annnnd I let my left leg get all loose and wobbly - the ball shoots to the right directly at the woods.  But it stays just short of them.  So shot #6 is a hack in the rough that gets me out to the fairway again and a bit closer.  Sitting maybe 130 out.  I chunk my next shot and end up about 5 yards off the green and the pin is probably another 10 yards onto the green.  I decide to bump and run it.  Sure enough the shot goes in the hole.  I saved the 8 and I never felt sooo good about it!

    Fortunately for me holes like that are becoming less frequent and I am finding some minor measure of consistency.  I just wish it came faster :)

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    This spring, playing in a restaurant tournament (two man teams-gross), I tried to cut the corner on a dogleg left. I hit the top of a tree. The ball fell and got stuck on a branch about 6-7 feet off the ground. I was feeling brave and decided to attempt the shot. With no stance or room for my regular right-handed swing, I hit my driver left handed, toe down. I made solid contact. The ball went out of the trees, over a small river, over a utility shed, and into the middle of the fairway. I ended up with par. My partner and I did win the tournament. Cool thing was that one of the other team caught it in a phone video and put it on Facebook. Got quite a few comments about it.



    Many of my memorable shots are of the ones I'd hope to forget.  They linger on longer than the ones I'd like to remember.  But, there's one, just a few weeks ago, when I chipped in for an eagle on the 18th, par 5.  I played well that day (for my handicap).

    This thread, including writing about it helps me remember other good things even though they are minor.  I hope to carry the positiveness of it through the weekend and beyond.

    Thank you!

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    I drove a par 5 from the tee box.  Thank you cart path!   We were looking for a very long time for the ball, decided to just hit another.   Made it to the green and there was my first ball, about 35 feet from the pin.  

    And great pictures Parthur, thats awesome!


    I just missed a hole in one playing with my 7 year old son. His first time on the course, he starts jumping up and down saying go in, go in. I will never forget that.


    During the second round of a club championship the 18th was a short par five, I bailed my second shot right onto a parking lot which was in play, with no where to drop I played a sand wedge to about 5 feet and rolled the putt in for birdie.  That was over 20 years ago but people still talk about it.

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    Had a tap in eagle opportunity once at my local course.  Hit my drive down the left and got caught up in the rough then a nice 4 iron into the green all over the flag stick.


    Okay, there would be lots to consider since I've been playing so long, but one shot lingers in the mind.  In the mid-80's I was assigned to the US Embassy in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.  I had met some British also posted to Riyadh who played golf at the 9 hole sand course near the new international airport.  They invited me along one day and it was truly an experience.  Yes, bits of astro-turf for when you were in the fairway, otherwise hit it where it lay.  Oiled sand "browns".  Two of the holes were parallel, both par 4s, the first upwind, the next downwind.  Both were about 350 yards long as I recall.  On the first, I hit driver, 3 wood, chip to the green.  On the next I teed up my driver and hit one of the best drives ever.  When we finally located the ball, some 20-30 yards over the green, I could not believe I had just hit it some 370 yards!  Now that's a memorable shot.


    kind of a tie between three shots.  

    the first was a shot where my drive sliced and landed in the area where a sprinkler was running.  i chose a 5 iron, waited for the sprinkler to pass, walked up addressed the ball and it finished about 3 inches from the hole.  never got wet and got the bird.

    the second was a 145 yard third shot on a par 5 from the first cut that with on hop finished in the hole for my first eagle.  (other than my ace)

    the third shot was from the fairway on a par 5 with a three wood.  low with a slight fade, landed in front of the green and rolled up to 6 inches to the left of the pin.  (almost had me a double eagle, but this wasn't horseshoes, hand grenades or atom bombs), almost left me with the eagle.

    they're all equal as memorable favorites.  first, second and third are the chronological order of things.


    Back to back hole outs from around the green for birdies. First one was a delicate flop shot to a tucked pin. Next hole was from a geenside bunker.


    The most memorable shot I've ever seen playing golf was struck by an elderly gentleman I was paired with. He was riding in a cart and I noticed a rather large bag filled with bread scraps. Asking him what they were for he said he used the bread to feed the Canadian Geese. I noted they were pests and great measures should be taken to rid the course of the feathery poop machines. Needless to say things were a little testy for the next few holes until we came to the 7th hole.

    It was a par 5 with a pond off to the right of the green and really not in play. The old geezer hit his third shot off the toe whizzing it right over my head going straight to the pond.  During this time a flock of geese recognizing his cart had landed in the pond and were coming ashore for the free grub. The lead one had barely got both web feet on shore when the wayward ball short hopped in front of him catching him right in the neck. He went down like a rock, dead before his head hit the ground.

    The old man went over to the obviously dead goose while the rest of the flock gathered round. Walking over trying to make him feel better I said, "You know, I started to yell DUCK but I don't think he would have understood me".

    He gave me the bird as he drove away


    by any chance did this happen in mid to late december?  i know this had to be a christmas goose.