US Open Controversies

US Open Controversies



    Check out these 9 history makers and game changers.....



    We've already had a few "issues" this year.  Questions about whether or not Adam Scott grounded his club (he clearly does not) and whether or not Steve Stricker improved his lie before taking a drop (he did not).

    Armchair officiating is getting a bit out of hand IMO.

    GGG - that link above is a great read.  Thanks!!


    I have fortunately / unfortunately been around for all of these except the Ben Hogan one.

    Just wondering how on earth he found it in the first place.

    Love the USGA quote about identifying the best player.

    Remember now the controversy about inserting the tree.

    Can still recall the dramas of that pin position at Olympic (still miss the flair and style of Payne Stewart too).

    ... and can sympathise with the GUR rule for filled in divots and think the Payne Stewart Golf Club are onto something

    Still remember that I can't believe Goosen three putted that day at Southern Hills to go into the playoff.

    Unbelievable controversy at the time at Bethpage with just about everyone complaining about the carry on that hole

    Also remember the absolutely incredible putting display Goosen put on at Shinnecock on his way to victory while everyone else imploded on those lightning greens.

    Thanks for the memories GGG.


    Without controversies, what would we all yak about? Tanks Alex for a great read!