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Celebrity Golf Partner

Celebrity Golf Partner


    Of these Golfing Gals whom would you choose to be paired with for a round of golf or better yet a tournament ?  Handicap &  golfing photo of your selected partner a plus..... 

    Beverly Johnson

    Catherine Zeta –Jones

    Heather Locklear

    Celine Dion

    Cheryl Ladd

    Angie Everhart

    Anne Murray

    Amy Grant

    Belinda Carlise

    Ivanka Trump

    Tea Leoni

    Mary Hart

    Ines Sastre

    Catherine Bell

    Jane Seymour

    Tanya Roberts

    Janet Jones Gretzky

    Jessica Alba

    Cameron Diaz

    Patricia Heaton

    Sharon Stone

    Kathy Ireland


    I would have to go with Cameron Diaz or Tea Leoni.

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    Definetily Cameron Diaz!

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    Probably Ivanka Trump but an alternate choice would be Cameron Diaz.

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    Cameron Diaz is my #1 pick! 36 handicap but I'm sure I could work past that...


    Jessica Alba all day for me


    Does it have to be golf


    I refuse to incriminate myself here.....

    But a round with Ines Sastre would definately be worth it!


    Does it have to be golf

    YES !


    Jessica Alba all day for me

    Great Pic, etm !


    Do I have to choose only one? I say Heather Locklear and Catherine Zeta-Jones.


    Can I just play golf with a different one everyday for the month of July? That would be my preference. Could you add Condoleezza Rice? I think it would be very interesting to play with her. (at her club)


    Catherine Bell, she's. huge golf fan......

    I agree, add Condie Rice, Augusta or Cypress? Hmmmmmmm!


    20 years ago I'd a said Kathy Ireland because I had the hots for her and her SI swimsuit covers...today I'd have to go with Angie Everhart...guess I like redheads...plus she can play a little as seen on the Golf Channel


    Cameron appears to be in the lead.....But other great choices noted as well....

    Thanks for the self incrimination, TH....As for Condoleeza I'll give her a call and see what I can do, lol...

    Keep those names coming in...