How many eagles in a round?


    Seeing the longest putt thread, made me think...How many eagles in a round have you had and what was your final score for the round.

    I had 2 in one round.

    I chipped in from about 40 yards on a short par 4, the 11th hole at Pawtucket CC and in the same round I holed out a 6 iron from 186 on the 17th hole and finished with a 67.

    What is your number?


    I have had 2 in a round once. Get  only a few a season, just have a hard time reaching the par 5's anymore. So most are hole outs.

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    For me, 2.  I holed out from a greenside bunker on a par 5, and made a 20 footer for eagle on a 305yd par 4 which I admit was a bit of luck. lol Went on to shot 73


    one per round MAX. I totally lose it after I get one, hard to refocus for me.


    Pretty rare, the Eagle, love to tell you I've had multiple but once every blue moon is about the best I can hope for.


    Two. Drove a par 4 to about 2 feet and made about a 20 footer for eagles on the back 9. Shot 66 on par 71. My buddy talked me into driving the par 4, I wasn't going to at first haha.  

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    I've had 2 in a round. I holed out on a par 4 from 160 yards and I had the 2nd on a par 5. I don't remember what I shot so I probably blew up somewhere along the line.  


    i've been close to multiple ones a couple of times, but i've only ever had one in a round.

    i don't remember the score, but one of them came on the 16th hole of a tournament.  a very short par four with a heavily guarded, almost impossible, green to hit that is probably smaller than most of the tee-boxes.  faded a 3-iron over the bunkers and around the trees to about 6 inches.  ended up wining the tourney by a stroke.


    All great stories.  Exactly why I love this community.

    Thanks for sharing.  Best T-Day wishes to all.



    Fine stories that perhaps someday I could emulate.  I thought that an occasional lone eagle a round was pretty good for an old fogey, even a high single digit one.  Guess I'll have to reconsider.  Of course, it would help to play a course that had reachable (for me) par 5s.  The very occasional hole-out from the fairway happens only slightly more frequently than a hole-in-one.


    I have had way more eagles than hole in fact other than the hole with the clown nose or the windmill, I have never had one.

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    Never more than one.  


    Eagles, I've had a few eagles!  But, I don't remember having more than one per round.

    I was pretty new in golf and at the course. . . people tell me that I didn't know how tough those holes were with 3s on my card.

    I rarely card a 70s round.  I'm pretty sure it was in the high 90s.


    Never had more than one eagle in a round and they are few and far between for me.