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Happy Thanksgiving to one and all !

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    Happy Thanksgiving, all!  I'm glad I found this site.  Safe travels!


    A Happy Thanksgiving to all at FootJoy HQ and to all those who are now a part of the FootJoy family of loyalists. It has been a gret year and only the best things have happened to the FJ Brand and the people who work and support the name.


    Hope everyone's Thanksgiving is/has a wonderful day.


    Gobble till you Wobble



    Happy Thanksgiving team FJ and everyone in the community!

    Go Pats!!!


    I hope everyone had a GREAT Turkey day & ALL OF YOU WERE ABLE TO WALK AWAY FROM THE TABLE!!!

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    Gobble gobble or Birdie Birdie


    The Art of Thanksgiving

    The art of thanksgiving is thanksliving. It is gratitude in action. It is applying Albert Sweitser's philosophy: "In gratitude for your own good fortune you must render in return some sacrifice of your life for other life."

    It is being thankful for :

    • the gift of life by living it triumphantly

    • sharing your talents and abilities for common good

    • all that has been done for you by doing for others

    • opportunities and accepting them as challenges toward achievement

    • happiness by making others happy

    • making the world more beautiful

    • being an inspiration to others

    • health and care you show your body

    • creative ideas and your contributions to human progress

    • living each day to the fullest!

    Hope everyone had a wonderful day sharing time with family & friends !

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    All the best to the FJ community for a safe and enjoyable holiday season!


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    Hoping all had a very Happy, Safe and Healthy Thanksgiving. I had a wonderful day with three generations of family, and am also thankful that tomorrow is going to be really nice here in MA and friends called to set up a day of golf!