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FJ movie spot


    Just sitting here watching a Bourne marathon, and at the beginning of Bourne Supremacy a CIA agent is wearing what appears to be FJ rain gloves, anyone else know of any othe FJ movie sightings?

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    I recall there being a pair of FJ raingrips in the beginning of The Italian Job.


    Now that is funny that you are seeking out FJ gloves in movies.  I will have to keep my eyes peeled in the future.


    i have seen the FJ stasof gloves on tin cup and that is it that i know


    Product placement is a big advertising deal.


    Not off the top of my head .... although now you have me intrigued.

    Will keep a look out and of course revisit The Bourne Supremacy soon.

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    I am surprised we don't see any M.L.B. players wearing F.J. for batting gloves. That would be great advertising.


    that would be awsome Zach