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Warming the Putter during Winter


    Cute dog Brian !  nice hat


    He is a good dog, a bit nuts, and YES he stole my hat.


    Stole your hat and chases after a ball while putting, huh.  I say he's pretty playful, and a good looking one, too!

    Hey, Guys, I had to put an order in for a practice putting mat. . . sure hope I get it soon.

    It was cold out there with wind today.  Don't know how cold, but I got cold and old. . . burr.

    Can't wait.


    I use the Scotty putter cup and just roll on the carpet during the winter. Anything to keep the stroke on point. If it weren't for short game I'd have no game at all.


    Guess it's pretty easy to say but move somewhere warmer?


    I haven't used the Birdieball putting surface. But if it is close to the quality of their flagship Birdieball practice ball, it is a winner. I purchased some Birdieballs after my 9 year old (then 7) blasted an old Titleist  ProV1 off of the glass slider on the side deck (actually, sh*#ked it, but he was too young to be made aware of that particular golfing foible). I decided I needed some yard balls that wouldn't fly quite as far and Birdieballs are the ticket!

    I am looking into the putting carpet from these folks as well...


    Hi ALL,

    Just wanted to report that I've had my putting surface now since early January.

    All in all, I am very happy with it.  The company is easy to deal with and are friendly.  (Kris Piltz (Kris@birdieball.com) or paul@birdieball.com are great to work with).  

    The product is very good and does the job.  I have a 13' x 4.5' with stimp speed of 10 with two holes on one end and 11 on the one hole.

    It really putts well and are virtually like greens.  During windy and cold days that I can't visit the practice surface at the nearby course, this really does the job for me.

    Best regards.




    Sounds like a great product I will have to check it out. I had a putting mat in the basement but my son (8) stole it for his room, so now I just putt on the carpet into a cup about half the size of a true hole. Helps with making sure the putts are going in the center and does help when it is freezing outside.

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    I too have the putting mat in the front room...I try and work on putting for at least an hour a day, but usually doesnt work out that way.  I like to play sinks with my wife, but she takes all my cash when we're done....I still can't putt..


    Good stuff, Shaun!  As long as you are able to make practice is important and worth the time before sunny days are back.  Having one of these have been very enjoyable and convenient for me.

    Keep warming the putter!


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    I have a putting strip in my basement and  place strips of cardboard under certain portions so that I am not putting on a perfectly level surface.

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    I have set up a small pitching and putting area in my garage, I live in Florida so I really only use it when the weather is bad.

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    No luck here...my putter has been resting in my closet for couple of months now.  The course I play during the winter has temp greens so I don't even bother bringing my putter.  Tried to practice at home, but I have wooden floors so makes it really tough to judge the line.  Can't wait for Spring!!!


    Welcome to the FJC G8TORGLF!


    Living in FL is living in golf paradise (most of the time) :-)


    -ICONs for All




    I have set up a small pitching and putting area in my garage, I live in Florida so I really only use it when the weather is bad.

    Exactly, G8torglf. . . It's for when outdoors isn't user friendly.