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Fall Golf


    Fall golf here in southeast Texas means the high is less than 80 degrees.  Two more of those to go this week, then a cold front comes through and lowers our highs to the low 60s for a few days.  Have to pull out a merino wool sweater for at least the start of the round.  Darn.


    Getting out for what may be the last 2 rounds of the year here in Milwaukee this weekend. Going to be 52 and sunny today and 64 and sunny tomorrow.. Looking forward to some great golf and ending the golf season (here anyway) on a high note.Monday I go in and place my order for the new 913, so it will be interesting to see how the old R11 performs this weekend. Hope you all get a chance to get out and play, for some reason I love Fall golf even more than warm days. Must be the knowledge that soon the courses will be covered in snow and it will be a forced 3 monnth break!

    OLD R11....you've only had it less than a year!!!!! I ought to know...I sold it to you!!!!!


    She gone mondo, she gone! Got fit for the new 913 and was killing it compared to the R11, amazing what happens when you get fit for the right club. Next time we play you will see what I mean, the thing is just flat out amazing!