FJ Community Update : Point System


    Thank you, Devin and FootJoy, including all FJA for everything.

    This website is special because of the people here whom had made it interesting to to golfers like me.  I am privileged  to have read many good thoughts, ideas, good humor,  as well as met and made friends here.  Each of you have contributed many things from golf to style and many more.  Another reason is the obvious, everyone loves FootJoy product.  I believe that is also the reason why we are all here.

    I've said it  before, being here is much like being at a  club anyone would want to be a part of as you may contribute something others may benefit from if you will.

    While the contests and prizes are awesome, it is only because FootJoy is generous.  I maybe wrong or lack the knowledge behind it, but that is not my sole purpose of hanging out here.

    Ambassadorship is an honor, not a price for accumulating points.  That has always been my thoughts of it without having to read what it takes to be one.

    With that said, I hope to continue to read and participate in some of the topics I may be an asset with.  ... but don't count on my jokes Don, at least not until you've heard my accent. (Lol)


    Bobby - you have more shoes than posts.  I think you should have lifetime FJA status.


    Happy to see FJ has listened to the posts regarding point allocation and made adjustments.

    Nice to know our comments are taken notice of are we are being heard.



    Tar Heel
    Good to see this change.

    +1     :)

    In all seriousness, I'm also glad to see this change.  People that really want to be involved (and not just to be an FJA) will stick around and contribute but this also doesn't make reaching FJA status unattainable.  Thanks for the update Devin.


    Go Hokies
    Let me also add my thanks about this post.  

    Since I'm one of few words I think the meaningful post will now be properly rewarded (as long as I get points for posting my new shoes -  there are least two more that I haven't put up recently).

    I can only imagine how awesome it must be to just sit back and look at the incredible shoe collection you have.  One day...


    Great news.  Glad to see that the issues that were brought up are being looked in to and some of them used on the forums.  

    Keep up the great work and the improvements.  



    Thanks for the update Devin. As always you are looking out for the good of the community.

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    Thanks Devin and Footjoy!  This forum is a gift to your customer base and I for one appreciate the valued content that it provides.


    Thanks for the update Devin and team!  We appreciate all you do to keep the community alive and well.  You are the stewards of keeping the community healthy and while some might not understand the changes they are being done for the long term well being of FJC.


    Thanks for the information Devin. FJ continues to have the best community support in golf.


    Thanks for the update and your continued work to make this the great place that it is.


    Thanks for the update.  you guys are doing a great job at trying to balance the ease of becoming an ambassador while not cheapening the effort..  being an ambassador is something i'm proud of and i feel is an honor.  it should be difficult but not impossible.  it sounds like you are balancing that very effectively.  keep up the good work!


    Devin/FJ Staff

    Thank you for allowing us to have this community; present our concerns and issues, thus making this a true "community" in both spirit and action. The post should bring additional clarity and drive meaninful behaviors.

    -ICONs for ALL



    That's great news. Thanks for the update and the clarification. If only Bud Selig had done something similar to this about banning steriods from baseball in the 90's then.... LOL! Seriously, it is so important to focus on the quality more than the quantity - that's what makes the FJ forum so great.


    I believe this will keep the true member posting quality info and will make this website what it was intended to do which is talk about golf and talk about FJ...

    This post was definitely a needed piece of information that had to be published...great job Devin...