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FJ Community Update : Point System


    Hello FJ Community Members,

    We know that the points system is of keen interest to most community members, especially those who have not yet made Ambassador.  In the past, we did not publish the points awarding scheme.  With the new site, we decided to show the scheme to our members.

    Since then, we have seen a lot of posts and correspondence around the awarding of points -- people dissatisfied with the points system, people concerned that they have not received all of their points, and others concerned with people attaining ambassadorship without taking the time to actually add value to the community.  All of your concerns have been heard.  As a result, we met as a team to review the points scheme, updated it and will roll out those changes today.

    Please understand this, at the heart of this is that FootJoy wants this to be a vital community of people interested in talking about Golf in general and where relevant, about FootJoy.

    The ranking system and the "FJ Ambassador" program were put in place to recognize those members who add the most value in growing this vital community and for representing the FootJoy brand out in the world. It was not intended to be a race to free products, but that is what some are turning it into. We believe no one benefits from threads full of "+1's" or "me too's".  We ALL benefit from conversations about shoe care, best courses to play (that you may never have heard about), fun tournament ideas, stunning moments on tour and worthwhile causes.

    The updated points scheme will be posted on the FJ Ambassador Program page later today. Changes include:

    Increasing from 1 point to 3 points awarded per post.  We will keep our 2 point bonus in place for a total of 5 points awarded for starting new threads. This is to incentivize bringing new topics into the community.  If we see people abusing the "new thread bonus", it will be turned off.

    We have removed points for sweepstakes entries. Entering a sweepstakes is its own reward.

    You may notice that some actions have been removed from the FJ Ambassador page, for example: Posting images and videos, Inviting friends to join, and Liking, Tweeting or Sharing community content.  Those actions either were not yet available or were not awarding points reliably so will not show on the FJ Ambassador page until they are working as we would like them to.

    Also, for the first time, we will be publishing the points "Caps" for actions.  Points caps limit the amount of points you can get performing a particular action. So, for example, you get twenty points for posting a product review, but because it is capped at 200 points, you only get points for your first ten reviews, your 11th review doesn't get you any more points. Points "Caps" have always been in place but have never been documented for you.Those "Caps" will be added to the FJ Ambassador Program page, as of today.

    Again, our goal here is to strike a balance between recognizing member participation and not cheapening Ambassadorship for those who have earned it. We do this to encourage genuine, stimulating conversation.  We may need to make further updates in future, but at this time, we feel the new system makes the effort involved in reaching FJ Community Ambassadorship on par with the effort put forth by our existing ambassadors, so in that way, we believe it is fair.

    Thank you for your feedback and your support and all of your efforts in making this such an amazing community.


    Devin Gmitter


    It is my belief that some people will complain if you hang them with new rope. No complaints here, thank you F.J. for your continued efforts to make this THE best golf site out there. HAPPY HALLOWEEN !


    Thanks Dev and Footjoy for all that you do!

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    Thanks for the update, very cool! At 1 point per post it would've taken a year to get to bronze level lol






    thanks for the update Devin



    What are we supposed to do now, you have laid it out clear and concise.

    Thank you again FJ for everything you do!


    Thanks Devin, it is great that the team has taken the time to get this all sorted out.


    Nice job Digital Coordinator Devin! I liked your use of "incentivize". You motivatize me to really read your posts for stimulatizing new words! :-)

    My wife and I had never seen that word in print before. Touché. You're awesome as usual.


    Good to see this change.


    Sounds as if a lot of the things we talked about in Brockton are coming into focus now that you've had some time to meet among yourselves and address the concerns raised by many of your Ambassadors.  I feel privileged to be considered an ambassador of the FootJoy brand, as it is a quality product supported by exceptional people who love what they do.  Keep it up, FJ Staff.


    Thanks for the clarification.


    Excellent, Devin. Great to see that those who are truly interested and involved in the community will continue to reap the benefits -- camaraderie, insight, fellowship, knowledge and more.


    Let me also add my thanks about this post.  

    Since I'm one of few words I think the meaningful post will now be properly rewarded (as long as I get points for posting my new shoes -  there are least two more that I haven't put up recently).


    Well done Devin.  I think it will keep everyone in the conversations more often.