Club Cameron Release


    where are those hats on the scotty cameron website or what website


    You need to be a member of Club Cameron to order for the first 48 hours. If they don't sell out, they will be avaialbe on Friday afternoon.


    Ok thanks that and i found it on ebay too and at 60 bucks for the one hat i think i will pass

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    I like the white hat...I wish it were fitted but, that's not a deal breaker.

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    I hope so.  Maybe one of our friends on TCC will be willing to part with one for a more reasonable price.  



    i really like the white hat, but since i don't use a SC putter, i wouldn't feel right wearing it.  but it is a cool looking hat.


    Ordered the "Crown"...

    Cover was "scary" [not my favorite].

    -ICONs for ALL