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Drug Testing?


    Kelly, Anddo we really know about those greats? Drug enhancing products have beenout there for years and like you, I would hate to believe that the Babe used anything  or Unitas was on drugs. Unfortunately, we live in a world of trying to achieve greatness  the easiest way possilbe. I think that the USGA and the PGA should require some sort of testing for performance enhancing drugs and others that aid in relaxation and  then publish those results. It would help clear the air. Gary Player, some years ago when this topic came up stated that he knew of some players that were using drugs. Why not clear the air and run the tests? Sad to say, but it has come to this.


    I think it should be done...the game is about honesty and integrity so why not??

    I would find it hard to believe anyone is taking steroids.  I can see other performance enhancing drugs but actual steroids I wouldn't think so.


    I read a funny quote from one of the pros a while back that said if Tiger ISN'T on them, then it just doesn't matter anyway.  I like that one...