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Hurricane Sandy...


    People who live in the path of this storm, please take care and stay safe.


    Agreed, looks like it is going to be the big one. Please all stay safe. I was schedueld to be in NY today and all trips to the city were cancelled by my company on Friday.


    Hanging tight here on Cape Cod - The wind id very gusty, but the birds are still hanging on the feeders in my yard so the gusts aren't deterring those who should know better! I live on the Cape but work in southeast CT on the shore of Long Island Sound. Work was cancelled today and so I am here with family. One might think that Cape Cod, jutting out from the coast would be likely target for this storm, but  it looks like the CT shoreline will take more of a pasting than the Cape.(Good for the golf courses around here - hopefully the tree damage will be minimal). I will post storm photos is I venture out...after the storm!!


    Thanks for your update, Pete.  Do post those photos as you are able to.

    Two of our nurses are on vacation in NY.  Pretty much stuck in their hotel. . . we haven't heard much.


    Agree!  Take cover everyone and stay safe!


    It is windy now and will be rockin' the tri state area tonight for sure.  Got my FJ Rain gear ready here in NJ.

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    just put your dryjoys on

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    Thanks Randy.

    I'm heading over to the beach at Brant Rock. Talk to you all later if not swept in.


    Take Care and be safe to All.

    -ICONs for ALL


    Prayers to all of you Easterners.  Hope it just cleans the place up instead of sweeping it away.



    Raining and wind gusts to 67 mph. This is the Bronx, we are not supposed to have hurricanes.


    In the middle of the storm now.  Makes the day we played RICC look like a day at the beach.  Strong winds and sheets of rain here in MA/RI.  Hope our NYC guys are safe - Grumpy, how are you doing in the City?


    Think the Jersey, NYC, Conn, RI guys are getting the worst of it.  How are things in MD, DEL, VA, and PA?  Anyone?

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    Thoughts and prayers....please be safe.  

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    I just left my cape house........ it really was not that bad unless on the beach...... but I get back up by the Brockton area and power is knocked out in my town