A Monster Tournament


    Monster tournament is played at our course each year.  But I'm sure a similar or of the same tournament is played and also called elsewhere.  Ours is played in stroke or format.

    It's a Halloween spirit mixed in the game of golf, for the fun and camaraderie of it all.  (no costumes, please-- as we all agreed-- save it for the dinner dance)

    Things to be expected are the most ridiculous pin placements and teeing grounds as far back and off as they can find it.

    Fun, but since the format is stroke play, there is a lot of seriousness involved.

    I think 82 won first price last year.

    I'll be in it again tomorrow-- What a thriller-- wish me a ghostly luck!



    I bet the course supt. has some fun setting the course up!   Play well and enjoy the happy haunts!!!!

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    Best of luck in your tournament. I am playing "pumpkin" golf tomorrow as well. Lots of eating, drinking and funky golf shots.


     Best of luck Noel, let us know how it goes.


    Ours doesn't seem to need a tournament to use some rediculous pin placements. We think he just tortures us for actually playing on the course!


    Nol, sounds like fun. My club in Michigan used to have a "pumpkin scramble" each year. On the green at some spot other than near the pin would be a small pumpkin. The four person team would need to also play to the pumpkin. Your score would be net into the hole less net to hit the pumpkin equals your score to post per hole. Made it a really interesting game, since some holes would be blind to the pumpkin!


    Sounds like a blast.   Play well...have fun!

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    That sounds like a blast!  What course in MI?  


    Noel - Hope the Monster Tournie was a thriller !  Sounds like a great time as does Randy's - Pumkin Scramble....For me it's Team Glow Ball Golf !


    Well, ladies and gents, thanks to all the nice wishes-- YOU'RE GONNA HAVE TO TRY HARDER NEXT YEAR.  (lol)

    Randy, that sounds like a blast!

    Anyway, it was a fun weekend.  A 79 won it this year from one of the guys in our group.  Cartoon-ish looking puts, but, they were going in!  I was so out of it by # 7, and did not really have anymore interest after, I would have easily shot over a hundred.  So I just kept playing to be in the individual games.  The rest of the weekend were  a lot of fun, too.

    Thanks. again,