Have you ever run a Marathon ?


    You are the man Bruce!!!!    Record may hold up for a long time.


    Nice legs there BH.....Lol.

    I have run 2. The LA Marathon and the Napa Valley. At Napa Valley I set a record. After running the 26 miles I drank 26 beers. Plus it was regular beer none of that weenie Michelob Ultra swill.


    I have flip flops, nice legs and do run but not a marathon gal....But give me 5K any day !

    in sandals or flipflops ? 

    the world record was just set 2:46:58

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    Yes, Many Marathons

    But never could break 3Hours, Best was 3:02


    Gee Jerry you probably already had lunch by the time I finished more than 1 hour behind you. But I did stop for a beer and a slice of pizza on mile 23.


    I wish I could run a marathon, but I'm just happy to get from 1st base to 3rd base w/out losing my breath playing softball.


    haven't run one, but did carry my then girlfriend down the stairs into the subway to get back to my apartment after her inaugural NYC marathon 20 or so years  ago. I met her at the finish area and her first words were "Can you get a taxi? My legs don't work!"  Sure thing - nothing to it  - hailing a cab AT THE FINISH LINE OF THE NYC MARATHON!!! I carried her to the nearest subway stop, down the stairs, where we traveled two stops. After a very long bath, she emerged ready for the post race party downtown! Not quite 26 beers consumed (by her), but she did dance...I swore right then and there that marathon running was NOT my game...