Should the Pro's wear shorts ? Westwood did at Turkish Open last week.


    Good point, Tim. Hopefully, anyone with stork legs will have the good sense to wear slacks. You know, shorts might attract more female viewers.

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    Agree: Long pants for the pros. They look classy and professional and that should not change.

    At least they no longer wear jackets/sweaters and ties.

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    I'm with keeping long pants on the professional tours. It just looks more "professional".  

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    Keep the big boy pants. Caddies OK, players not OK.


    I completely agree with everyone else, they are professionals and should represent themselves as such.

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    I'm fairly indifferent on the subject, I like the look and style of long pants but the caddies are wearing shorts and I prefer shorts on a hot day so why not?

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    Yeah - long pants for the pros.  Looks more classy and more professional.  Leave the shorts for the amateurs.