need new irons


    Tdogg, I wouldn't bother with graphite in my irons, I tried it once on a set of titliest and would hit clubs all kinds of distances, never knowing what distance I would get on a swing.  Went to a fitter and he tested the shafts and the frequency was all over the place. I suspect the shafts are a little better now, but I had a bad experience.

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    I would recommend hitting some different irons and make your choice based on what feels best to you. With that in mind, get fitted as others have said previously. Clubs are a significant investment so might as well do it right.

    I recently purchased new irons. I have played forged muscle back irons my whole life but ended up with a set of Ping S56. They simply were the best feeling clubs I found after trying several different brands and styles.


    tdogg21i will definitely get fit.  without being "officially" fit, i think i need about 1 degree upright and 1 inch long.  i know i want a thin topline with some offset in at least the 3-6 iron.  i'm thinking the AP2s would be the titliest iron i would go with.  

    my problem is, i research the piss out of something before making a decision.  so i want to narrow it down to 1 or 2 (maybe 3) sets of clubs before getting fit.  i know a lot of places will put the money you spend on getting fit towards a new set.  but my problem is, with needing to drive to a fitter, if i'm not ready to buy right then, i might not get my money back later.  i need to find a demo day or two.You might want to try the Ping i20 irons. David Lingmirth just won on the tour using them. Quite a few pros and good players are using the i20's. They do have a little offset in the longer irons as you request. Something else to think about. Good luck.

    the i20s are on my short list.  i have a G10 driver and i20 3 wood and love them both.  and i'm probably going to pick up the i20 hybrid this winter.


    I have played Mizuno irons for some time - First time I used the old Mizuno T-Zoid pro forged irons, I was hooked. Hot knives through butter with these soft forged cavity back irons. But that was many, many years ago - I have a new set of MP-59s that I play  though interestingly, they lack a bit of the "pure strike"  soft feel the T-Zoids had, at least for me. This has prompted me (along with my accountant who used to work for Acushnet) to try out Titleist irons and I agree, the AP2s are extremely nice clubs. For my eye, they look like an iron should - thin top line and the head isn't huge - But I can live with anything if the club plays well and feels right - And Titleist has done a great job building in the right amount of forgiveness and feel - Very responsive clubs that reward properly struck golf shots with dependable distance and feel. Now if I can wheedle my accountant into a little trip to the company store on my behalf...

    And JoshGiano, Noel, and TT are on the money - Whatever you buy take the time to get clubs properly fit!