I won


    I finally won something! FootJoy drew my name  and I won the GT Extreme golf glove. Just got it today feels cool and different. They also sent me a little bag with 2 cool ball markers in it and two xps-1 bracelets. That was really  cool! Thanks FJ.

    Congrats and welcome to the FJC. What does the xps-1 bracelet look like?


    Congrats on the victory, wear them wel!


    FootJoy is the best.  Hope you like your goodies


    Mikie - glad you enjoyed your package!  You were very enthusiastic in your response to winning so I included a couple extra goodies!

    Devin, you're such a nice guy. :-)

    Mike, enjoy your cool FJ swag and hang around the Community.

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    Awesome...can't wait till I'm the lucky one...


    Welcome! Congrats on the win.


    Congrats and welcome to the FJ Community!  Stick around and enjoy the conversation!


    Congrats Mikie.

    Welcome to the FJ Community.

    Let us know how the glove performs (what have you been using before)?

    Nice touch from FJ with the little extras.



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    Welcome aboard Mile. Congratulations on your win. The gloves are terrific as are all The Footjoy products


    congratulations -- what are the xps-1 bracelets?

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    congratulations -- what are the xps-1 bracelets?

    Yes what is the XPS-1 bracelet? Congradulations on your win.


    Congratulations!  Welcome to the FJC!    


    congrats, enjoy them!

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    This whole site is rigged.  I have been doing this entire week and haven't won anything.  That's a buch of garbage!  Just kidding.  Congrats