Phil and the World Golf Hall of Fame.. Let's discuss.


    First, it is not the players fault how a "Hall of Fame" sets their criteria. This perue belongs to the PGA, PGA Tour, and USGA, with HOF as well.

    That said, retirement starts the clock for when you should qualify. It is somewhat disconcerting that an active player of PM's ability would be inducted. Not that he hasn't earned it, but the fact that he still can win Mjors and tournaments. That's insane!

    Lets make a change for the betterment of the game please.


    I think Phil is well deserving, of the honor of being inducted into the Hall of Fame. I also agree with him that the age should be changed to 50 years old. This is when a player moves on to the Champions tour and can play for many more years. You can not wait until a players career is over, because golf is like no other sport. There is no age limit, as long as a player is playing competitively.  

    I also agree with tdogg21, it must be cool to be announced as "Hall of Famer".