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    Who in your opinion has the best swing on tour?

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    I like these three: Luke Donald, Phil Mickelson, and a guy named John Rollins.

    Champions tour: Tom Purtzer


    Fred Couples hands down.. "Effortless Buttery smooth"


    Rory...Beautifully violent!!!


    I think his swing will hold up over the span of his career!


    I have to agree with TNT, Rors has an amazing move through the ball, smooth yet incredibly fast or beautifully violent.  It is a natural move, nothing to mechanical just pick your target and pull the trigger. 

    Another swing I cannot get enough of Billy Haas's, just a classic swing. (CG's favorite)

    King Louis Oosthuizen, after watching him at the Masters how can you not be sold on that swing?

    Adam is also up there for the mechanical brilliance of it.

    There are pieces of other peoples swings that are quite enjoyable.  The way Westy "covers" the ball at impact with his chest.  When have you seen this guy come out of a shot? I haven't. 


    Great question... I have always liked Ernie Els swing, regardless if he isn't playing well right now (last week not included). A bit of a dark horse: Ryan Moore, his lines are good and has great balance.

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    Beautifully violent-love the phrase. Rory is my favorite player on tour, best looking swing by far. Luke Donald also has another great swing, great short game and putting.  Ernie Els is smooth yet powerful, slow is smooth-smooth is fast. Tiger has a great swing ( when it's working consistently)

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    Fred Couples hands down.. "Effortless Buttery smooth"


    For the same reason, Ernie Els.  I don't think he has ever taken a swing at more than about 85% percent power ever.

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    There are so many really good swings out there these days. The new kids have all had really great "modern" technical training, conditioning etc etc. When I was growing up (feels like 200 yrs ago) golfers were more self taught and had individuality in their swings: Arnie, Jack, Lee, ChiChi, Sneed, Hogan and on and on.

    But yeah: Rory's is my favorite swing these days. Wish I could still coil half as well. Others: Luke Donald, Adam Scott. The smoothest goes to Freddie C.




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    I personally have always liked bubba's swing, as mine is similar. But there are times i wonder how he he dials it back from one shot to the next. Pretty spetacular IMO. Sure it isn't the most "true or elegant", but sure is fun to watch and play.


    I agree with everyone as to the best swings are the most efficient and the results show (Wins baby...)

    Looking for effortless power/control: Couples, Els, Oosthi

    Natural Beauty/Longevity: Rors/Tom Watson, Jimenez

    Most changes and Wins: Tiger (HAHA)


    -ICONs for All



    So many of the young guns have very similar swings. They are all taught with a cookie cutter.  The best swing I have ever seen though was Trevino.  He was the best through the contact phase, that 14-16 inches around the ball.

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    Rory for sure.

    i'd have to say Luke Donald has the best looking swing. (might be the Icons helping a bit!).  but Rory also has a great swing.  more powerful than luke's swing, which i think takes away from it's 'appearance.'  not saying it's not a great looking swing, but i just think Luke's more controlled swing 'looks' better.