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    Hi All,

    I have been using Golf Pride Velvet Cords ever since my first set of Titleist Irons (about 25 yrs ago). Playing in the Northeast, they help: fair amount of rainy, hot-humid (read as sweaty), and winter days. I am due for new grips and am thinking of trying the standard Tour Velvets.

    This group appears to have a lot of experience/knowledge, at least on paper (er, electronic paper).

    Any thoughts or advice? Thanks.


    Welcome to the community.  I was a big fan of cord grips for a long time, but I have to say since I switched to the tour velvet I haven't looked back.  They are easier on the hands, easier on the gloves, and grip just as well.  I live in Boston, so I also see my fair share of rain and sweaty days.  Try it out, I doubt you'll regret it.


    I've never been a fan of cord grips--too hard on the hands and gloves.  I played tour wraps for years--a variety of manufacturers--and love those.  Since I bought my AP2 712s this year, I have become enamored of the Tour Velvet.  Superb grip and feel.  When it's time to re-grip, I'll stick with those for all my clubs.


    I never liked the calluses that the cords developed, have played the velvets for about 25 years or more.  Use a towel to keep drips dry and it is no problem.  Like the softer feel also.


    I used to play the cord grips as well and have the scares as a result...

    I have since found the Winn Wrap series of grips to be better in shock absorbancy and grip control w/o destruction of hands *glove longevity*.

    These are what I just had done this week (I refresh my grips almost quarterly):



    -ICONs for ALL


    I have been using GolfPride New Decade mutlicord grips and don't find the problems others are talking about. As to wear and tear on gloves, I change out about every 6 to 7 rounds and it is due to the lack of tackiness that I like. I have not experienced any undue wear on my gloves and found that in wet weather and very humid conditions, this grip has worked the best for me.


    A couple years ago, I went and bought about 40 different grips and tried them out, found most of them to be about the same, but eventually I came back around to using Lamkin Cord Crosslines. The Winns were my least favorite across the entire line, so that just goes to show you that it doesnt matter what anyone else says, its whatever feels right in your hands (provided it fits you size-wise)

    Welcome parthur..... I use the Golf Pride Tour Wraps now, having changed from the GP New Decades. I find these hold their tackiness longer, and they feel good in my hands...

    welcome.  and you are right, there is a lot of knowledge here.  enjoy your time here.

    now, to your question.  i gave up the cord, half cord, and 3/4 cord grips many years ago because i thought they were too harsh on the hands for no reason.  other grips worked just as well.  now, not all cord grips are equal and some didn't bother my hands at all.  but generally i stay away now.  i switched to the lamkin corsslines and haven't looked back.  i also live in the northeast and i think this grip is perfect for our conditions.

    Welcome to the comunity .. I would say if you like the cord grips don't go and buy a non cord grip because of my own experience I bought a set of clubs when I was 12 from one of my friends and those had the lamkin crossline cord grips on it and since that I have used cord grips because I don't like the feel of a non cord so I say stay with the cord grips

    Switched to the tour wraps late last year and love them! Also love that they come in so many color and size options.


    Golf Pride Tour Wrap has been my favorite since the first time I was due for a new one because it is tacky and easy on the hands.  Golf Pride- Tour Wrap came out with the new "2G", maybe a couple of years now or so, and they are even more tackier-er-est-ers.  If you think you'd like to change to it, that's my bet.

    Anyway, another reason why I like it is because it is very easy to slip on a shaft, even if you had to build layers. . . it's quick!  I used to take my clubs to a shop for re-grip, but a few days and then picking it up . . . extra trip and time.  It's the convenience.

    Oh, GP-tour wraps are standard weight like your cords.  If you'd like to experiment with lighter grips, those multicompound are a bit lighter and may give you a closer feel to cords.  They cost a little more . . . and then there's Winn lites. . . I think they are even lighter.

    But, go with what you like most and what you think you'll benefit more from.

    Good luck!

    (Any chance for us to see a picture of it after?)

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    I love the golf pride new decade. Its a half cord grip. I dont really have any issues with them. That being said I work in the automotive feild as a technician for toyota. My hands are extremely calloused. I guess you will have to experiment. I was contemplating the golf pride VDR's, if you try them let us know what you think. Welcome!


    the new golf pride tour wrap are very tacky and last a long time with care...

    clean them with warm water and dawn soap they seem to last a very very long time