Funny Friday


    Not a problem, just looking to bring a bit of humor to all on a Friday.


    Maybe we can start a tradition where a laugh or story is posted to keep us going through the weekend.


    I Hope you all enjoyed.



    i wouldnt leave him before the 5 min are up because i have played with people that does that but i catch them almost every time

    Wheelz tell me, what do you do with the cheats?  Confront them on the spot and call them for what they are? or Let them off the hook and walk away?


    Either way, they both lose.

    Funny but, it does happen (often)...


    -ICONs for ALL


    Had to read that one a second time before I got it...thats awesome if you ask me!!!!



    Never *&it an *%itter!

    Love it