Each year I try and re-grip most of my clubs.  I have recently purchsed the 712 MB's so I am good there, but my question is do you, in general, typically re-grip woods with a personal type of grip or do you look to re-grip with the original grips that came on the clubs?


    If the later, do you know how or where I could get the origianl Titleist grip's from?



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    I typically re-grip with a grip I have some history with.  Sometimes i buy 1 grip to try something new, then I'll re-grip the set if I like it.  I ususally regrip myself.  I prefer the water activated tape as the solvents are too messy for me.  Experience has been good.

    SOME original grips can be found online at golfworks or golfsmith. 

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    I have always re-gripped every club, except putter, with the same grips at the same time and have always liked it. It might be a personal preference thing, not sure.


    Great topic, we did have this same discussion about a month ago.

    At the minimum, regrip annually and more often dependent on usage and personal preference. I personally regrip quarterly as it is necessary to have that solid connection to the club.


    The suggestions as to locating grips are appropriate as well as your local PGA pro or the manufacturer.


    -ICONs for ALL

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    I try to regrip annually with grips that are a personal preference.


    Remember than when looking for the original grip, manufacturer's will have grips like the Golf Pride Tour Velvet stamped with their name (Titliest, Mizuno, etc). Many grips still have the company identifier on the butt of the club. So, if it's not important to you to have "Titleist" on the grip, most any shop will carry the Tour Velvets, otherwise you're looking at having to order the grip through a clubmaking site or perhaps through a Titleist Rep.


    Once I find a grip I like I stick with it, right now I am gaming the golf pride combo in black and blue. I will try other grips if I believe they will make my game better but I have been using the combos for a few years now. Putter grip is a Scotty cord that as we speak needs to be changed, I may go to a little softer putter grip I have not enjoyed the feel of the cord on my putter in recent months.


    I re-grip annually, always with the same grips onall clubs (except the putter). The year I changed from the GP New Decade Multi-Compound to the GP Tour Wrap. Got the all white model this time, and have to say I like them.

    And you MUST re-grip each year. The materials get hard and crummy from sweat and dirt, so invest in a new set and you will find the results to be quite enjoyable.

    I regrip every year

    For a grip that is like what you have on your new 712s, get the Golf Pride Tour Velvet. Same grip only it says Golf Pride instead of Titleist.


    Thanks for all of the input.  I will give it a shot this weekend.  I figured keeping the grips consistent, even through the woods was a good idea.

    I regrip at least once a year some clubs more, but always with the same grip as the rest of the clubs. I play GP multi compounds, but I think it is important for consistency that all your clubs have similar grips whatever you choose.

    i don't regrip as much as i should, but i never go with the company grip (except putter).  you can get the same grip, but usually cheaper.  if you're curious about a grip, buy one and try it.  if you like it, add it to the rest of the set.

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    Like others stated once a year at least for re-gripping. 


    I however vary my grips and wrap number from woods to irons. Mainly because of my hand size and grip style. I prefer to have a softer yet tacky grip on my driver/3 wood with usually midsized with 5-7 wraps. For irons mid sized tour style grips with 2-3 wraps. 


    I will regrip when the grip starts to show wear. regardless of how long I have had them. Also want the same grip on all clubs, usually change grip on driver and wedges twice as often as the other clubs. Scrub them with warm water and a couple of drops of dish soap at least every other week.  More often if I am playing a lot.  Like to order a couple dozen grips at a time from Ralph Maltby's online.


    will scrubbing them work.  I have heard that, but never tried.


    Thanks again