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    Greetings FJ friends. Well my wife and daughter made the trip West this weekend for the Easter holiday. We walked the beaches of Newport and Carona Del Mar, and spent some great time together, which made up big time since I stayed off the golf course for the entire, gorgeous SoCal weekend. But on Sunday we went and had brunch at the golf club so they could see the place and get acquainted with everyone. During our dinner my daughter, who will graduate from The University of Michigan in 2 weeks, announced that she has chosen Boston University as her graduate school. While I am immensely proud of her accomplishments (did I mention she's graduating Phi Beta Kappa!), it's a bit sad that she's going as far away from us as she can go! But it does mean when I visit her at school I can possibly drop by and see a certain PGA golf professional and make a little side trip to a town called Fairhaven. I would never take advantage of a situation, this may truly be the only thing that makes my daughters school choice easier to cope with. Life is just awesome!

    Congratulations to your daughter! Glad you all had a nice weekend. Is your wife looking forward to moving out to SoCal?

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    Congrats on your daughter getting into B.U. If someone is going to college up here in the frozen north there is no better college town than Boston.(B.U. is in walking distance to Fenway).

    If you should get invited to Fairhaven try to get in a round at Acushnet River Valley which is in the next town(Acushnet). It is a muni that I play every week and is one of the better groomed muni's I have played.


    Any time Randy, any time!


    Randy that is fantastic!!  Great side benefits of a very proud father moment!

    Our little girl turned 2 on Easter Sunday.  There is nothing in the world like being a father of a little girl.  :-)


    Congratulations my friend on your daughters accomplishments. I bet as you look back,  it seemed like only yesterday when you were helping change diapers, putting bandaids on the booboo's and now graduate school.


    As life continues to move forward and I can tell tell from your words that you are extremely proud of her. In turn,  I am also very proud of you and your wife for sitting the groundwork to make this happen for her.


    When everything gets settled in,  give the FJ folks and Rick a big hello for me....... Love ya Bro!



    Take care my friend!



    Excellent news Randy! Congrats to you and yours.


    Congratulations on your daughter's graduation and acceptance to BU.  If you are in the area, I would certainly try and host you to a round at my course.  Looking back, you are one of the original FJ members I reached out to as a friend.


    Best of luck and again congratulations!


    Just think Randy, you are now Bi Coastal! :)


    Congratulations to your family and accomplishments - SoCal Move; Graduation and Grad School - What a year!!!


    Enjoy the SoCal Life and your success....


    -ICONs for ALL 


    Thanks to each and every one of you. I appreciate the kind words, though I really didn't do anything. This was all my daughter, 100%.... But you are all so kind.

    Yes, we hope Boston treats her as well as Ann Arbor and Michigan has. That would be a true blessing, especially since, as Paul says, I'm Bi-Coastal!

    It's been a year of many blessings so far, and I only hope that things continue in a positive direction. Still lots to go, but my family is very happy with the trends!

    As an aside, this is part of why the FJ Community is what it is. This little story has little to do with golf, but everything to do with who we are here inside FJ. This is a place where we can wear moments like these on our sleeves with those closest to us.

    Thanks again everyone.


    Congratulations to your daughter! She will love Boston...maybe not so much in Jan/Feb, but nonetheless I love Boston.

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    Congrats on all the accomplishments.  I don't have a daughter but my baby sister is about to enter the Nursing program and I am very proud of her, I can only imagine the pride and joy that will come over you on both her graduation days.  On the move to So Cal, I'm jealous, I've spent sometime out that way seeing family and played a few rounds out there and it is completely different than playing in Ohio.  Again, Congrats. 


    Randy, that's great news! I know you and your wife are thrilled beyond words -- OK, maybe you're never beyond words, but still. Quite an accomplishment, please give her my congratulations!

    Good for you