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    Bubba golf his hitting the ball as far as possible than hit some crazy hooking/ slicing shot to a green like nobody else can!

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    Bubba golf to me is playing on feel. Throw the swing coach out the window and 'git er dun'!
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    Bubba Golf = put on your seatbelt, floor it and see what happens! 

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    Bubba golf to me is hitting it a long way and going to look for it.  Once the ball is found, you size up the shot and hit it again.  There is no whining or complaining.  Lumps are taken as they come and you learn from them.  Bubba golf is a new challenge each time you set up to hit the ball.

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    I saw Bubba on the Charlie Rose show this evening.   Bubba Golf is just enjoying the game immensely.   Bubba says he doesn't practice much.   He just plays 18 to 36 holes each day as his way of practicing.   And he still finds it enjoyable.   It isn't a job to him, which is good.

    Bubba says he shot in the 60's when he was just 12 years old, so he knew then that he had something special.  No lessons, ever.    Bubba Golf is just using your natural God-given talent to enjoy what you do, and it was great to see Bubba hit that phenomenal draw/hook to win the "too-na-mint".


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    Bubba Golf means a lot to me personally.  I've grown up with the same philosophy.  I learn through trial and error.  I learned to make my own shot and visualize it.  I've had no formal lessons or coaching.  I started out on a par three course and now thats grown into golfing on a semi private course every spare moment I get.  I've learned that nothing is better than just a fun day out on the course with some buddies.  I can go out there and goof around and play a game I love.  I always find new ways to tweak my game or make little mental notes to myself during a round. For instance I'll hit a horrible snap hook off the tee and sit up behind a clump of trees.  Now I can chip out on to the fairway or figure a way to punch through.  Just the whole approach to the game and what you take away is the main storyline behind Bubba Golf and anyone can really apply it in some way.

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         Bubba Golf to me stands for all the shots in your life that mean something. On the course or in your life, all the shots that bring you back for more are the ones that win your championship.

          Getting married, having kids, superseeding your greatest expectations, and making your dreams come true is like that one shot that makes you fall in love all over again.

         I'm pround to say that I've been a Bubba Watson fan from the first time I swung a club (which was only two years ago). I root for him every weekend he's playing. I grew up 20 minutes from Bagdad, FL (where he grew up) so seeing him play kind of reminds me of home.

         As for FJ, congrats on another win with a great player. Keep up the good work and great quality.


    To me, Bubba golf just means doing it your own way and not folding under the pressure to conform. Bubba has an amazing ability to see the shot and then hit it, my guess is that if he had gotten lessons he would be a totally different player.


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    Bubba Golf to me means playing the game how it should be played.  Having fun and hitting shots through feel instead of pure mechanics.


    Bubba actually said it best:

    "If [Bubba Golf" has a swing, he has a shot..."


    So happy for him!



    I already entered but just to reiterate what all have been saying, THANKS TO YOU AND FOOTJOY!  To three more FJ majors this year!



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    Bubba Golf,

    I had the opportunity to attend a Monday practice round this year after many, many years of trying to get two tickets!  I took a close friend of mine to the Monday practice round at The Masters or The National (per local persay).

    Words cannot describe what I witnessed while entering the grounds at The Masters.  I was blessed to see Bubba Watson on Monday and also watch him on Masters Sunday while back home proudly wear the Green Jacket.

    This is what golf needs right now is Bubba Golf and I along with many fellow golfers congratulate Bubba Watson on his first Master's win!

    All the best,

    Joel M. Rust

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    Making a gap wedge hook 80 yards, and fly 160

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    Bubba Golf = if you have a swing you have a shot. Not being scared to try something that no one else would try. Making your game unique to everyone else. Bubba golf is also playing the game because you love and not for the fame and glory that comes with succeess

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    Bubba Golf is the way golf is meant to be! No paralysis by analysis, picture the shot and hit it!!!

    We couldn't have asked for a better champion, the man truly deserves all the attention.