Bubba Golf Sweepstakes - Win Before You Can Buy!

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    Only worry about what you have control over. Your game. Not your competitors.

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    Bubba marches to his own drummer. For someone who never took professional lessons he is amazing. A very emotional guy with a big heart. I saw him on Flarety and he comes across as an honest humble person. Go Bubba!!

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    Bubba Golf means free-wheeling, fun golf.  He plays serious enough, but you can see that he enjoys it, which in turn makes us all enjoy his brand of golf, manners and what family means to him. Congrats, could not have happend to a nicer man! 

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    Bubba golf is how we would all like to be able to play the game.  Visualize the shot from the trees hitting the green instead of hitting another tree and going deeper into the woods. 

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    It couldn't have happened to a nicer guy.  Go Bubba.


    Bubba golf to me is an amazing fete. For a man who has never taken a golf lesson in his life to have the ability that this man has is incredible!!! Bubba golf is a great role model for kids today that can see a man with so much believe in his family & game. The emotions he shows, so much courage & raw talent. He could become the next superstar of golf.

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    Bubba Golf means:

    • enjoying  shaping each and every shot
    • having the passion, imagination, and skill necessary to pull off the impossible
    • wearing your heart on your sleeve
    • having grace under pressure
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    Bubba golf is Hitting the shot you want when you want. Now worrying about percentages or statistics, but hitting shots off instinct and guts. Never worrying about the fame or fortune, but playing without worries, playing for the love of the game.
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    Babba golf to me is to play the game your way. He looked so comfortable and that last shot out of the rough to win was pure perfection and what a joy to watch. I hope this year is a Babba year. I know I will be watching...

    Good Golfing Everyone.

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    Bubba Golf is no set structure, no coach, no rules. He just plays. Period.

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    "Bubba Golf"  means to me that there is more than talent that makes a champion there is "HEART" !!   Congratulations and Go Bubba !!!!

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    "Bubba Golf" to me is as follows:


    "Hit what I want, when I want and how I want"



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    Bubba Golf: Hitting it long, working it both ways, Having fun, but trying to win. Trusting yourself. Trusting God. Believing in the equipment your have. Believing that YOU can win. All of this without being pretentious, stuck up, and arrogant.


    Go Bubba!

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    Bubba golf to me is not trying to be something that you are not.  It is golf played from the heart and soul with a passion and determination to always give your best regardless of the situation.

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    Bubba Golf means a) visualizing the shot in your mind beforehand; b) believing the best shot is not always a straight shot; c) not having any doubt in the execution of the shot.