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    Bubba Golf is using your God given talent to play the game your own way!

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    Bubba Golf means all sweet and sugary but strong and concise

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    Bubba golf means making the most of the abilities you were born with and using all your skills and determination when you are in a difficult situation.


    Bubba Golf is the true meaning of golf, a small town guy from a small town in Florida that one day dreamed of being a professional golfer and with hard work, good attitude, and a positive outlook in life, has fulfilled his dream.


    Like he said in his interview with Jim Nance, he never got this far in his dreams...


    Stay grounded Bubba, you are the Peoples Golfer!


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    "Bubba Golf" to me means, no fear, let it rip, and leave it all on the course with no regrets.


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    When I saw the way he looked into his mothers' eyes it was so very apparent how badly he missed his father and how he wished that he was there to share in this. I firmly believe that "Bubba Golf" is his ability to believe in himself on the golf course and that ability has grown out of what he believes to be true in his life off the course. That giving everything one has to offer is all anyone can do and that nobody can take your dreams away.

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    Bubba Golf is you see what you get and expect that Watson will not be afraid to take a chance as he did in the playoff at The Masters. It is very refreshing for me as opposed to the field in general.

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    "Bubba Golf" to me is reminding myself that golf is only a game.  We are privileged to be able to play the greatest game in the world and that we should embrace all that life has to offer.

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    I can relate to Bubba golf on many levels. The first is growing up playing on a public course and basically teaching myself how to play the game. I never had a real golf lesson until I was in my mid-twenties.  The second is that I am an alumnus of the University of Georgia and a tried and true Dawg.  Bubba is without a doubt our most successful golf team alum.  And on a newer note, as the adoptive father of two small boys, I could not have been happier for Bubba and his wife when I found out about his son Caleb.  What a special gift from God to go along with the win at the Masters.  Long live Bubba golf.

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    Bubba Golf means that plain old american boys can come out and play golf without ever having taken a lesson in their life and play this wonderful game.  God Bless Bubba and his new baby and his wife.  May he win a lot more tournaments... Go Bubba...

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    Playing Golf like Bubba means painting a picture of the golf shots you want to hit on the golf course in your mind, reacting to it and hitting the shots!

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    Humility and honor should guide you through life. If you have both, you can flow freely through life and golf.

    Of course, 350 yard drives help a lot!

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    Bubba Golf is just going for it on and off the course playing your game, speaking your mind and holding your family and beliefs to it's highest level.

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    Bubba golf is having fun with a great game.  Making your mistakes opportunities and going for it.

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    can bubba get another jacket from augusta in pink.