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    Bubba golf is what teaches me that the longball is important as well as a good short game....
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    Bubba Golf means having the most fun possible! Working hard in life and becoming the best person possible! Winning is secondary to the effects you have on other people!

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    There are some interesting aspects to Bubba Golf.  Bubba Golf defines the term "winner" in the face of all odds.  A refreshing and somewhat innocent approach to the game of golf (and life) for someone who is not used to driving between the lines.  Bubba Golf is someone who does it his own way in the face of all conventional opposition and comes out a winner.  Bubba Golf makes the average golfer feel like he has a chance to be a winner at whatever level he plays as well for if Bubba can do it at his level then I should be able to do it mine no matter what anyone says.


    Bubba Golf to me is being creative, not always hitting the easy shot and having fun while playing.

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    Being aggressive and doing it your way! That is the Bubba way.

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    What Bubba Golf means to me is a fellow left hander who hits the ball a mile but he has more aim and short game then I do.

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    Bubba Golf to me is playing the game all out and leaving everything you have out on the course.


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    Bubba Golf is a breath of fresh swing coaches standing over every practice shot, no head doctors following you around the practice area.  Just go out and play by the way it feels, baby....

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    Bubba plays golf like most of us.  Trust in your instincts and not trying to make your swing into something that it is not.

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    To me Bubba Golf is having the confidence to pull off any shot. Not always going the easy rout but, playing the game as you see it in your eyes not how it should be played according to someone else.   

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    Bubba Golf is about having fun and enjoying time with friends. It is about using your own swing not someone else's. 

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    Bubba Golf is authentic. Bubba Golf is how golf starts for everyone, feeling your own swing and enjoyment of just being able to be one with the course for a few hours. Bubba Golf has matured, like for all golfers, into a passion that brings raw joy whether or not anyone is watching and sometimes even talking to yourself when no one or everyone is listening. Bubba Golf is pure. There is no coincidence that Gerry Lester "BubbaWatson, Jr.'s first major win was at Augusta. Augusta a course emphasizing the pure and holding highly the amateur golfer, not for status sake, but for the unadulterated joy that all golfers felt when they hit their first shot. Bubba Golf is where golf enthusiasts first began and now realize where we should always lay.

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    Bubba golf to me means happy fun and hitting shots that most people would not try

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    Bubba Golf means staying true to yourself and playing the game your way while having fun and being creative.
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    I think the average guy, like me, can relate to Bubba more so than most of the other Pros, because he really shows the human side of himself. He is not ashamed to show emotions, he is not a robot, he does not make excuses if he messes up. Bubba is hughly talented, but so down to earth. He can create shots only others can dream about, and everyone cannot wait to see what shot he will come up with. Bubba proves real men can wear pink, and pink does go quite well with green.