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Bubba Golf Sweepstakes - Win Before You Can Buy!


    We are giving our FJ Community members a chance to feel like a tour pro by giving you the opportunity to slip your feet into un released FJ ICON's just like Bubba Watson wore en route to his Masters victory.

    To enter for your chance to win, simply click REPLY in the header of this post and tell us: what does "Bubba Golf" mean to you? 

    One more thing...There will be four winners in total! Two winners will be randomly chosen to win the new unreleased FJ ICON and two more winners will be randomly selected to win a signed SPIDR2 glove by the Masters Champion Bubba Watson. 

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    Deadline for your entries are 5 p.m. on 04/15/12. We will randomly select the winner on Monday April 16, 2012. 

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    Bubba Golf to me is playing the game your way.  It's finding yourself, remembering what's important in life and having fun on the course.



    Bubba Golf took on a whole new meaning to me after yesterday's performance.  It became a sign of free wheeling, see an opportunity, take it type of approach.  Sweet and Simple...live life to its fullest, play it where it lies...AND LET IT GO!


    thanks for the opportunity!




    "I’ve never gotten this far in my dreams." ; he said.

    His playing partner threw him great history shots to be talked about for years, but he just kept his head down, and that's exactly what it means to me.


    Bubba Golf = Relentlessly persistent and unassuming.




    just as bubba golf is a game like no other, so it is with my game.  the problem is my game is at the other end of the spectrum.

    yeah, count me in 

    good luck every one

    I dont think Bubba golf has anything to do with golf. I say it's him loving his family, God and friends. He gets to share an unbeliever talent with the world and he is doing it right. Lots of respect for Bubba.

    Thanks for the opportunity Devin.

    Bubba Golf means that anyone with drive and determination, regardless of training(or lack thereof) can not only make it on the PGA tour but win my favorite major, The Masters.

    I think everyone agrees that Bubba follows his own drummer. He hits a Bubble Gum Pink driver further than almost everyone...and for a great cause. He uses his wealth to ... drumroll please... buy "The General Lee". You have got to love the guy and his buddies Ben Crane and Rickie Fowler of Golf Boys fame, his Bubbaclaus for the holidays. What a refreshing personality.


    "Bubba golf" is doing it on your own terms.  BW has made it to the highest level of the sport with a self taught swing and a gamblers attitude.  Over the past couple of years he has lost a father and gained a child while continuing on with his career.  He has become a fan favorite with his booming drives and boy band stardom of "The Golf Boys".

    Losing a father and role model is very tough and to see him continue to win and improve proves that he was taught the lessons of life well just like my father taught me.  We are truly blessed to have these types of stories in our lives. 



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    Bubba Golf to means a thrill a hole.  He's the anti-tiger like most of us golfers. He does his own thing even thought he could afford many coaches. Go have fun is what I see in Bubba.


    what does "Bubba Golf" mean to me: Do what is right by following principles of God, Family and self for these are the only "truths" that exist and everything else will happen as it should. It is a simple philosphy and allows for freedom of expression without the politics and disorder - "You have got to Love me, either you love to love me or you love to hate me!" -Take it as it is because that is all that it is and and all that it will be!


    -ICONs for ALL



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    Bubba winning the matsers means anyone can do it as long as hard work  and dedictaion are your key motivators!

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    Bubba Golf is where the old approach meets the new.  The "old approach" is working the ball whichever way fits the hole and your eye.  The new approach is perfectly tuned equipment that can bust it a mile.


    Bubba Golf: Ignoring how everyone says golf should be play and sticking to what you do best in your game. If laying up on every par 5 is what suits you best then so be it, if only shooting at pins if they are on the left side of the green that's fine, if swinging 120% with every club gets you the results you want, fantastic! Bubba golf it a mindset: to play golf your way, regardless of how Johnny Miller says someone should play golf.



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    Bubba Golf means not growing up rich and having your country club pro teach you from age 3.  It means munis and self hard work.  A true self made man.