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A Message To The New Members

    First off, welcome to the FootJoy Community (FJC).  You have already made great decision by joining us here for conversation, some off color humor and the occasional contest.  The next step in the process is very simple and rewarding, begin posting and sharing your thoughts on all things golf.  Most of us realize the process of becoming a FootJoy Ambassador (FJA) is a time consuming labor of love where you are able to make friends with individuals who share the same passion and obsession as you.  Others see it as an end to a means and just post to post.  This is what I wanted to address… power posting and useless comments.  This clearly is not meant to be directed towards any one individual in particular but if you feel like you may fall into this category, you may want to re-evaluate your posting and/or reason for being in the FJC. Through my time in the FJC, I have learned a lot about life, golf, and friendship.  It was an odd thing when I became a member in 2009.  I didn’t quite “get it”… I asked myself ‘how do you have “online friends?’… ‘isn’t that for introverts’?  Well, I will be the first to say, I am not an introvert and I do have some great online friends, many of whom I have had the pleasure of meeting in real life and furthering the friendship.  For that, I am truly grateful.   Many of the newer members in the FJC have looked past the possibilities this community provides and decided to randomly comment on old threads, provide one word responses or just enter contests.  This is not the way the FJC was designed or meant to be used.  It is a place to grow your knowledge of FootJoy products and services, as well as golf and life.  Yes, occasionally FootJoy rewards us with contests, but those contests are already public, you do not need to pollute the FJC with mindless comments and one word responses just to become an FJA, your reward as an FJA will not be what you think if you do not take the time to obtain the honor properly.  Many of you do not care about the FJC and that’s your loss, but if you are here to become an FJA and leave, then please do not look back on your way out and please do not waste our time any more.   I know the lure of FJA brought a lot of you and that is exactly what it was designed to do, bring in new members whom want the status.  Many of you may have a flawed opinion of what an FJA truly is, for example, posting about the fastest method of obtaining FJA isn’t exactly going to go over well here.  FJA’s aren’t individuals who get free stuff from FootJoy, we do not test products and we certainly do not get paid.  We provide reviews for FootJoy products and services (just like any other member), request and discuss enhancements for the community and  the site in general and engage in interesting, thought provoking conversations with all members to help keep things on the right track.  NOTHING MORE!  We have put in our time and obtained a special position within the FJC that we are proud of and can look any other member in the eye and say “I deserve this”.  Think of it this way, if you are here because you expect another FJA trip to some world renowned golf club again in the near future that is just fine.  BUT, if you power post and toss out useless comments on old threads for no other reason than to get posts and points, you will NOT be received well on that trip (if FootJoy allows you to go) and it will be a truly awkward and miserable experience for you when you have 20 other members not willing to give you the time of day because they know you are not there because you care.  Would you rather do it the right way and be welcomed and included in all we do or do you want to be the black sheep that will be treated as such?  The choice will always be yours; I am just trying to help those of you whom need it. In closing, all I want to say is please have the respect, decency and knowledge to understand what is going on here.  It’s not about the free socks in your welcome kit (if it is, let me know, I will buy you a pair to get you to leave the FJC), it’s not about gaining FJA at the fastest rate possible and it’s certainly not about some title on some online website.  It’s so much more than that and I can promise you, if you take the time to earn the honor of the Ambassador, you will understand what I am saying and not have to ask an questions in the future. I hope the individuals who need this instruction read it, comprehend it and put it to use.  I want the FJC to get back to it’s roots and have lively, animated, fun conversations about anything and everything with ALL the members participating in an equal and meaningful way.  Look at what you are doing and decide if you should truly be here. Thank you.
    Didn't pick up on the spacing between paragraphs. I did not just write a big block of text. Hope you all can still follow the message. I can try to fix it tonight at home if needed.
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    I am a new member and I want to thank you for your article.  I think it may help to better understand what is happening.  Hope I can learn more.


    Well said in a very long run on paragraph kind of way.


    But Eric is dead on in his message.  Don't come in to the FJC and expect pointless posting to be rewarded.  It is not the intent of this forum to hand out merchandise to everyone because of how many posts you can shove in  per hour.

    Most all of us purchase our FJ products because it is the best quality golf apparel available.  We believe in the forums as a place to express our thoughts on golf and life.



    Great message, Eric. I whole hearted agree with you thoughts on this situation. I too think that it is starting to get out of hand and think that some just have not embraced the social interaction of this Community. The true friendships made here are very special and there are a number of great members and I am happy to think of them as my friends.

    Well said Eric and I agree whole-heartedly.  The FJ Community is a GREAT place to discuss all things golf, Footjoy, etc.  I love this place and would still be here if they got rid of my Ambassador title, and I don't think I'm alone in that.  


    Very well said Eric. I appreciate your taking the time to write such a well thought out and comprehensive post. I hope it will make a difference!

    Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to enlighten our new members to the Community.



    Hey fellas!

    I'm new.  This may or may not be directed at me as said in the context.  I'm mirroring my self as I read your post and questioned if I've done so.  I may have responded in a one liner type, but I hope I've not offended any unwritten etiquette (I presume). If I have displayed any of what was mentioned, I didn't mean it.  Please, anyone, if there were anything I've done or said that is not quite up to par with you or the community, please drop me a note or open it here in the forums.  If I need schooling, I'd rather know than not.

    FJ is a fantastic company and they create some of the best products out there that I use.

    This community web; I think has some of the best bunch and I like most of what I've learned from you.  I feel like I'm at Crystalaire in a much larger number of folks who contributes and share golf while away from the course. . .  and I like that.

    Each time I log on, it almost feels as if I'm about to step onto a club or a group of folks who are to be respected.  . . . and you deserve to be.  You have chosen to be associated with one of the best and well respected product company in golf there is.

    The Ambassadorship; yes, I've read some of the rules that were posted here in the forums, how can you not. . . people actually ask the "how to" about it!  Honestly, I haven't even seen nor read what the rules are.  There are prizes and perks, I've read as well.  I think those are great!  But honestly, I'm not here just for that.  I started posting after I read some of of your thoughts and said to my self that this community is cool. . . and I wanted to participate and share and tell stories (I don't have many interesting stories to share-- but you're stuck with me now, cuz I like most of you-- LOL-- too bad.).

    Anyway, I think I'm rambling on and now I feel like I'm probably not making sense anymore and it's revealing my true intentions that I just wanted to post this non-sense so that I can get an FJ point.  (busted!)

    (FJ Admin and Moderators and fellow FJ community-- Are the more text I plug in helping me?)



    Hey Guys,

    I just responded to this post, but (here I go again for the points- not) after I did, I noticed on the top right of each post, there are 3 buttons.  The one on the top right, "More", when you click on it, the pull down menu item read "Report Abuse" as a choice.

    Do you feel "power posting" or "non-sense posting" qualify that category?



    Well thought out post.  I was getting tired of the power posters and thought about quitting because so much was nonsensical.  I am glad I didn't and awfully glad some of the FJA stepped up to show some leadership on the issue.


    Somebody had to say it.  I think many of us have thrown out jabs here and there, but this was the knock out punch.  Other online golf communities have suffered because of power posting, useless threads, and the unnecessary revival of old outdated topics, and I would hate to see FJC suffer a similar fate.  Do I hope to go to an ambassador event?  You bet your patoot I do!  However, I don't care if its at the County Club in Bookline or the Muni down the street; what I do care about is meeting the people whom I've had good conversations and shared (or not shared) opinions with here.

    I attended a TCC event last summer, and it was amazing.  I love TCC, but I don't feel the sense of community that I feel here.  I can't wait to tee it up with some other FJA's (Bronze, Silver, and Gold welcome too) My Fiance laughs that I drove 4 hours to hang out with people I met online, but she doesn't get it either.  FJC is special.

    I moved to Mass from CO two years ago, and all of my golf buddies live there still.  I miss the chatter, banter, and laughs I had with all of them more than the CO sunshine and televised Broncos games combined.  I've found some good guys and gals here, but this community has helped me get through some lonely times, and helped fill the void that only a good golf joke or a Tiger- love him or hate him session can fill.  Like another thread says, golf friends are special.  Although I wouldn't know anyone's face from a stranger on the practice green, I feel like I've made a lot of friends of FJC.  So if you're looking for socks, go to Golf Galaxy; if you're looking to participate, welcome.


    Thank you for the leadership and guidance in helping to keep the FJC in-line with the foundations that make it a great community.


    -ICONs for ALL

    Well knock me down..... Eric Kelly just emerged from I don't know where and BOOM! You can tell Eric has been making his wedding plans, since he surely has come out swinging! Seriously, please take this to heart. As one of the 2009 FJ Ambassadors, and one of the first 10, my involvement, like many of we original members, was almost by accident. We sort of came together in smallish numbers, and really bonded as friends, and fellow golfers. The Forums became like dignified locker room talk among casual friends. We all had our opinions, and voiced them early and often. We found common ground, and lots of areas with diversity of thought. We rated products and talked about everything you can imagine. Then I noticed some interesting things happen. We all started to become more than casual friends. We talked about many things beyond golf, like our jobs, our families, and life. We spent time laughing and crying together, sharing things that went way beyond the links, but things that exposed not only our personalities, but who we are deep inside. This forged even deeper bonds and new friendships blossomed. Now, not only were we sending posts, but we were talking on the phone and sending individual, personal e-mails! Our address books swelled. As the months went by, this wasn't a web site in any way. It became part our every day routine. Foot Joys Community became just that, a deeply rooted community. We now are part of a larger family, all maintained by FJ. Well then many of us met in Chicago, and darned if a whole new level emerged, and the family ties got even more strong. Many of us are connected on Facebook and interact a great deal outside the framework of FJ, and that includes folks on the FJ Staff. So today the site has grown, and some changes have come. There are lots of new people engaged. We love that and welcome everyone in. But we've also seen some people come in and start to resort to a rapid fire "Power Post" scheme. This has frustrated many of the Ambassadors no end, because it goes against the fibre and essence of this community. Because most interactions are very cordial and respectful, with a few exceptions of course, it raises the ire of folks who have been around. My friend Eric has put a post together here that is longer than anything he has said in the 3 years I've known him. Rick (19hole) and Tim Tiger (OU), my dear friends, are spot on with how we've all come to think of each other. We're friends, plain and simple. So we hope you take these thoughts in the spirit in which they are given. We welcome everyone to participate and offer up their thoughts on golf. Ask questions. Review products. Talk about FJ. And become part of this community by engaging completely. Become a positive contributor of deep thoughts and make us think. Don't just say, "yeah, I agree." Thanks Eric for your lead.
    Didn't pick up on the spacing between paragraphs. I did not just write a big block of text. Hope you all can still follow the message. I can try to fix it tonight at home if needed.
    IPads are not ur friends!

    agree... :)


    Eric made a great point about the free socks.  I would hate to see this site being overly moderated and post "graded" based on if they should count towards the overall count or not.  New community slogan - "It's not about the free socks."


    But it is about the FJA Fantasy League - right Tim?  I heard nothing about my winter segment victory.