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Golf Friendships


    I've been meaning to share this with all of you -- it's Roland Merullo's Final Say column from the March 19 edition of Golf World. He feels golf friendships are a different, deeper friendship. It's a good read, and certainly rings true for me: http://www.golfdigest.com/golf-tours-news/2012-03/gwar-roland-merullo-final-say


    That was very nice.  Thank you for sharing.  I'll be sharing the article with my friends.

    Thanks, again.


    i would agree with that.  when you play golf with someone, you're spending roughly 4 uninterrupted hours with them.  when is the last time you spent 4 uninterrupted hours with anyone?  i couldn't tell you the last time my wife and i spent that much time together with no interruptions or distractions.  and also, usually golfers are very similar to each other.  i know i'm a lot closer to my main 'golf buddy' than we would be if it wasn't for golf.

    good read.  thanks for sharing!

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    Thanks,this was a great article and very true. In addition to our weekly  golf group  becoming great friends despite totally different politics the rangers and pro-shop folks where we play every week are part of "the group".

    That was a great article
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    Fantastic article...very true! (Most of my best friends I met while playing junior golf).


    Cool article and as usual, thank you for sharing.






    As usual, great post! Thanks for sharing!


    Great Share, thank you.

    It is a commonality that we share in our determined struggle that helps "bond" we golfers and players in "quest" of not exceeding Par.


    -ICONs for ALL


    Amen. That was a great article and enjoyed reading very much.

    Thanks for posting it.


    Golfchick birdies another.  Chris, you serve a great purpose in this group of distinguished colleagues.  Keeping us grounded and informed. Thanks for sharing.


    Very Meaningful Article !  Great Share, Chris.

    'Friendship is about getting to the other side of the that steel plate, and the best golf friendships seem to specialize in that';  'an extra dimension, a deeper link'; 'they form a museum of human variabilty'; 'golf is not a virtual activity, You are not "friending" people, You are .....,"truly present"' ' ;

    Indeed special ingredients !


    This actually brings a little tear to my eye. We all have those friends, the ones there with us through thick and thin. And the ones we've lost at too young an age. In the final analysis, many of those are friends who bonded to us through the game of golf.... Thanks Chris......

    What a read. Thanks for sharing, golf friends really are a different kind of friend.