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Random Question- What was the best concert you have ever been to?

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    Rainy day here in New England; so I got to thinking about radomness while dreaming for the weekend and music randomally hit me. What was the greatest concert you've been to?

    I know this has nothing to do with golf or FJ but just wanted to make some banter.

    Brad Paisley tied with O.A.R. at Georgia Southern University when I was there. Amazing crowd and both shows displayed both artists/groups passion for live music and fans.

    Close second White Stripes or Brooks and Dunn.


    The WHO, "By The Numbers" tour in 1977, the Summit in Houston, Texas. Through a friend, we got invitations to the "after" party held at the Warwick Hotel and the entry ticket was a tiny "Squeeze Box" they had made up. In the middle of the ballroom was a boxing rink set up. The doors were locked so no police were SUPPOSED to interfere. Sadly, they did.



    Odd question to start the morning.... So many to choose from really. But if I had to select, I'd go with these two: James Taylor in Raleigh. James is from Chapel Hill, where his Dad was Dean of the Medical school at UNC. Didn't know that, did you? He starts tours in NC, and in 2000 we had backstage tickets to see him. Awesome. Second would be Bob Seger and the Silver Bullett Band. 1982 at Dane County Colleseum in Madison Wisconsin. Fabulous show.

    This one is tough. I have seen many great artists over the years.


    Van Halen /Van Hagar with Dave and Sammy

    Ozzy Ozbourne (once)

    Metallica    (4 times)

    Def Lepard  (twice)

    Krokus   (twice)

    Y&T   ( 3 times)

    Godsmack (once)

    Page and Plant (sadly only once)

    Foreigner (once )

    Styx (twice)

    Reo Speedwagon (twice)

    Night Ranger (twice)

    Fleetwood Mac (twice) I love Stevie Nicks...still do today

    Motley Crew (twice)

    Alice and Chains (twice)

    Jackall (twice)

    Motorhead (once)

    Aerosmith (once)

    Queensryche (twice)

    Kiss    ( twice...with and without makeup)

    Rush (3 times)

    Quite Riot (twice)

    Judas Priest (3 times)


    Garth Brooks (twice)

    George Jones (twice)

    Kenny Chesney (once)

    John Micheal Montgomery (once)

    Brooks and Dunn (once)

    Alabama (3 times)

    Allison Kraus with Union Station (once)

    Brad Paisley (once)

    George Straight (twice)

    Reba McEntire (twice)


    I guess Jimmy Page and Robert Plant in Knoxville TN would be my favorite because I love Led Zeplin and never had the opportunity to see the whole band play together.



    That was a tough decision!

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    AC/DC by far the best concert I have seen.

    Anita Baker with Gerald Albright on saxophone!

    It seems like forever since I've been to a concert.  The best I've been to are:

    Garth Brooks - Sacramento, CA

    Megadeth - San Francisco, CA

    George Strait - Tempe, AZ

    Alan Jackson - Phoenix, AZ

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    I am quite jealous of the shows y'all have been to... Simply awesome


    the brad paisley concert was one of the best concerts i have been at


    Aug. 5, 1979, San Diego Jack Murphy Stadium, about noon till midnight.

    Blue Oyster Cult

    Cheap Trick

    Pat Travers


    Shakin' Street

    50,000 people, it was awesome. My ears rang for three days. There were soooooo many speakers!


    Good question dzab.  I'm a country music fan (especially the 80s-90s stuff) and a huge George Strait fan.  I have had the privilege of seeing King George in concert twice, and one of those also featured Miranda Lambert and Tracy Lawrence.  So that's three headliners essentially in one concert.  Talk about a great time!


    I went to this in 2004.  The best lineup I have ever seen.  3 days of music and fun.

    Joining Clapton are fellow axe legends Carlos Santana, Joe Walsh, and J.J. Cale; bluesmen Robert Cray, Buddy Guy, B.B. King, Hubert Sumlin, and Jimmie Vaughan; as well as James Taylor, country superstar Vince Gill, bluegrass player Dan Tyminski from Alison Krauss’ band Union Station, and young star John Mayer


    And on another note.  Garth Brooks daughter is on the same club team as my daughter.  I see and talk to him all the time.  A real class guy.  Just wants to be one of the fellas.


    Guns n' Roses at Lisbon, 2010.