Favorite Golf Book


    Great thread Fred, I've been meaning to do this for a long time. In fact I started writing my own personal reviews, which really amount to the key points I've taken from each book.

    Here are a few of my favorites:

    Damage Control – by Dave Pelz

    Golf's Sacred Journey: Seven Days at the Links of Utopia – by David Cook

    Golf is Not a Game of Perfect – by Dr. Bob Rotella

    Secrets of Golf Instruction & Flexibility – by Roger Fredericks

    The Art of Scoring: The Ultimate On-Course Guide to Short Game Strategy and Technique – by Stan Utley

    Unconscious Putting – by Dave Stockton Jr.

    I'd have to say that the one that has had the greatest effect is the Fredericks book. At 48 years old last winter, I decided to try to regain some of the flexibility I'd lost over the years. I adopted the "short" program in the book and I had my best season in 35 years of playing the game. Got my index to an all-time low of 1.1. It had almost never been lower than 3. 

    Fredericks also sells a DVD set that matches the book.


    Oh! I also forgot to share that I have this book, it is more on the fitness side than mental or physical sides. It has some great excersies (especially if you can purchase a foam roller to supplement it):

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     Thanks for the comments on the Fredericks book, i was interested in getting that but was skeptical. I am really flexible but could use a bit more flexibility in my hips. My lead hip gets pretty tight after hitting a bunch of balls so i would love to be able to stretch that out and get a little looser.

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    My favorite light reading golf book is Chicken Soup for the Golfers Soul.  It has some great short stories that are pretty entertaining.

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    I'm not a big reader of books but Tiger Woods How I Play golf is a great book.  It has a lot of excellent pointers.


    I have been reading Bob Rotella's books lately. I like his message. "Trust your swing". Mental game.

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    Instruction book is Hogans five fundamentals or turning 3 shots into two by Bill Moretti - non instruction a good walk spoiled by Feinstien.

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    The Unstoppable Golfer by Bob Rotella and Zen Golf by Joseph Parent are the most influential to me.


    "How to become a complete golfer" by Bob Toski and Jim Flick......good fundamentals of  


    recently read this book -- "A Course Called Ireland: A Long Walk in Search of a Country, a Pint, and the Next Tee"  -- good read - recommend to all.