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People Aren't Reading The Threads/Post Anymore


    Welcome JD to our community. Everyone here is great & you will fit right in to our little family.  Things have been a little slow lately cuzz the guys/gals up north are itching to get out & play!



    I just signed up and I look forward to being involved. I have been a Team Titleist member for awhile but I am new to FootJoy.


    Welcome aboad JD.  A great bunch of people in the FJC.



    JDA welcome.. I gues we have all had cabin fever...


    I  just haven't been online in some time as I've been doing the Mr Mom thing and spending any online time looking for work...

    Hope to spend more time back in the community now that I'm back to work


    Sammy, I just hate it when work gets in the way of my real passion. Unfortunately, like a lot of others out there, my job has been taking a lot of time away from my posting. The good thing is, my business is somewhat seasonal and allows me to play and practice almost as much as I want during the late spring and summer months.

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    Like some others here, it's getting nice outside and I've got new golf equipment that I need to test and then I have reviews to write on each of piece of equipment. This takes time away from the FootJoy site.



    I'm more MIA because I just can't post as much as I used to. As many have said, I read as many as I can, but replying to everything is more problematic.

    Still here though and loving everyone!

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    I'm new here and trying to check out the site.  Response time seems to be quite slow.  Is that normal?


    We are currently going through many changes on the site and this may cause some slowdown.  Furthermore posts go through moderation, therefore they do not immediately show up.

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    Thanks for the welcome guys! I recognize many of you from the Team Titleist site. I enjoy reading the forums. I actually check them several times a day. 


    School+HS Golf=No time. I wish i could read more but dont have the time. Guess Ill wait till summer.


    I have noticed that we  aren't getting emails on the new posts anymore. I used to get at least 4 or 5 a day and now only get one or two. Wondering if this is a problem any others are experiencing???