I call for the production of the FJ Ambassador Divot Tool!!!!

    Who's with me?

    09,  Sounds like a good idea to me.


    These are all good points here. This should be the responsibility of all golfers. I agree, we as ambassadors and all members of the FJC should help to spread the word on golf etiquette.   


    I'm not one to observe the 90 degree rule at all time especially when it is dry in the summer but if the weather makes it necessary of course I abide. 

    I'm also not one to roam the green and fix divots.  I will fix a couple if I see them but I don't go out of my way to seek them.

    I could always use a new divot tool.  Good suggestion.


    So when are we getting our Divot Tools???   lol


    I think doing the right thing on the course is important...we need to lead by example and make sure to educate those we golf with that don't know etiquette.

    I'm in favor of a divot tool...might not be a bad suggestion to Chris/Mike