Jlawton1 - I just made a minor adjustment to my grip and it seemed to make a major difference.  Outside of not seeing the sparks and making better contact was hearing the "woosh"of the club as it swung around.  I haven't heard that in so long I almost thought it was a myth.  Now I have to go out again and duplicate what I did and work on my distance and accuracy.

    JBrown8451 - Sorry to hear about your iron.  So early in the season too.

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    I've been experiencing this during late day rounds for the past year. I love it! A driver shot that travels 250, initiated by a sparking contact. Now THAT just feels powerful. The first few times it happened I assumed they were mishit's and somehow a grain of dirt or sand got on the club face. Once it started happening with clean shots I assumed I either play way too much EA Tiger Woods Golf or there is a static charge in the face exacerbated by the fabric on the bag. Fun stuff and I love telling all my friends I sparked it!