#1 SHOE IN GOLF           #1 GLOVE IN GOLF




    Managed to get to the practice tee last Friday for about an hour and then another 40 or so minutes on Saturday before the first round of the season.


    Got out for my 1st 18 of the year this AM. 60 and sunny in Milwaukee today so great weather for March 23rd in Milwaukee. Course was in pretty good shape but the greens were terrible.

    Worst part was the carts were not allowed so had to walk 18! long walk on a very hilly course for the 1st round of the year, what a struggle, but shot ok.


    All during the summer and winter I am at a driving range 2 to 3 times a week. I am constantly working on my swing plane and swing speed with some success. Now that we are heading back home to the cold climes of Iowa, it may be a while before I can get out again, but I will get there. I also hit a small bucket before I actually go out on the links just to wam up a bit.


    Went back out today. 

    It felt even better than last time.  The rust is chipping away slowly.

    Now all that's missing is the lessons.


    Like virtually everyone else, I went and hit a large bucket. Nice to get rid of all of the snow from the weekend and actually see the sun. Thank goodness I have been stretching and doing some exercises all winter. Otherwise I would be feeling it now.



    I want to hit with hendricks! Actually, I will be glad that the 10 inches of snow from Saturday and Sunday will have melted off the mats well enough today to hit again. Time to start gearing back up for golf season.

    Happy Spring!


    10 inches of snow ... wow, we never get snow here  in San Antonio   :-(


    hey Pablo...you're 150 PW...50 compression range balls probably contributed to that...

    Love to hear the passion of golf in your voice...welcome to the club