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Happy 2022! and one New Year's Resolution for FJ


    As we transition from 2021 to 2022, I'd like to take a minute to say thank you to FootJoy for the advances in shoes and clothing this year.  I look forward to the new shoes to come in early 2022 and the new collections of apparel.  One thing I believe FJ is missing out on, though, is the FJ Community online.  Focus on FB, Instagram, and Twitter may be great for the younger crowd, but it obviates the community that developed over ten years here at footjoy.com/community.  This has lessened the value of being a FJ Ambassador, and, in my opinion, distanced FootJoy from many of its staunchest supporters.

    Therefore, I encourage FJ to reinvigorate the Community and the FJ Ambassador program.  This will ensure FJ remains the premiere golf brand in its interaction with its customers.  


    Would be nice to see thing liven up a bit! FJ needs to look no further than the Invitationals and how much continuity an cohesiveness it fostered!


    Well said and I completely agree.  Seems that the Ambassador program needs a push again.  I joined in July 2013 and became an Ambassador the next year, for the interaction and have meet some awesome people that have the same taste in apparel and shoes as I do, hoping to meet these folks at one of the FJ events. Have played golf with some Ambassadors and other members of the FJ Community in the Myrtle Beach, Hilton Head and Charleston areas, but most of you thru the Team Titleist events, which is very active for it's loyalists.  Truly hate to see such a worthwhile program set idlily by.   Those, who pulplvr is speaking of, are the very customers the FJ lines are designed for.  Please give it a boost, as a member of Team Titleist we get questions on that site often regarding FJ apparel and shoes.       


    I miss it.

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    I agree, I am in the younger crowd but do not have social media at all. I use this community, Team Titleist discussion boards, and THP. I would love for a footjoy community revolution.

    I'd like to see this come back too.  I have Insta, Twitter, FB and what not, but there's so much noise on there that FJ is often drown out in my feed.  

    TT is okay, but 90% of it is people asking for free stuff or guys who have tour swing speed numbers wondering what ball they should play; IMO all that really dilutes the "community" aspect.

    The FJA program, Ambassador Invitationals, and just the community in general were so good.  I've met actual, real human friends from this forum, and I'd love to see it keep going. FJ hasn't put a lick of effort into this community in quite some time and it's still going... kinda.  Imagine what it could be if they got involved again.


    There is an FJ Insider program coming. If you get FJ emails, you may have already received some info about it and started the registration process. Supposed to launch 1/20

    Absolutely agree. Interacting in person or on this board has always provided me with opportunities across the globe to share our experiences with a group of true passionate diverse people. It has provided me with pleasure and a feeling that when I did receive something to test, I took it seriously and took honor in being selected. This post certainly hit a nerve and I?m glad to see the electricity on the board

    Happy 2022 to all!

    Brian - miss seeing you this winter at Foxboro Sports Center.  You will have to stop by and catch one of the Kings Bantam Minor games.  

    Agree on seeing the electricity here.  The FJ Insider program may be the way of the future, but happy to see this forum still active!