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Golf Pride Featured Post


    So as I opened my email this afternoon, and I see an email from Golf Pride.  The subject was, "Are you playing the right grip size?"  Curious to see as I'm dealing with my driver grip....  When I opened the mail, I see a guy in red shirt & red cap, left handed at address, and I thought he looked familiar.  Why, it's our very own Tar Heel!!

    Unfortunately I could not open the content of the article; "More than MS, how Randy Voss found a way to play the game"

    So I replied to Golf Pride requesting a fix on it- we'll see what happens.


    That's pretty cool.  I'd like to read the article as well.  


    It's fixed!  Here is the link from the email.




    Thank you for sharing your story.  I have known a couple of people who suffers from MS, and you are right, everyone is affected differently and one of them it wasn't easy to detect as the symptoms comes and goes.

    Whishing you all the best- more power to you- keep on swinging!



    My friend Noel

    Thank you for your thoughtful comments and sharing this article as well. There is a bit of a backstory here regarding Golf Pride and how this story came to be. Back in fall of 2018 GP had asked for examples on how people who regripped their clubs and had the change improved their results. I responded with my "story" and they sent me a nice ball marker. The end.

    Well last month I get an email from their social media team saying they had been intrigued by my story and wanted to know if they could ask me some questions. This is a full 2 years after the fact! A very lovely gentleman named Ward called and we spoke for about 90 minutes. Turns out he was a University of North Carolina grad, so we had LOTS to talk about. He asked a ton or questions, requested some photos, and said he'd write something up and GP would decide what to do. Frankly I never thought much would become of it. Well it turns out they did post it on their blog site, so here we are.

    I will say the ongoing support from friends near and far is so positive. Sometimes I think people assume this is all some pity party (boo-hoo poor me), which is the farthest thing from the truth. The article is really my thanks to people who helped me during some very low moments in my personal life, and how that help has allowed me to try to keep playing golf.

    Thanks again. Please stay well and healthy!